AI Startup ‘Bot-It’ Makes Waves on ‘Shark Tank,’ Clinches Deal with Billionaires Cuban and Rubin


  • Bot-It’s AI tech, backed by Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin, conquers ‘Shark Tank’ in a $300K deal. A game-changer in online automation!
  • Bot-It’s founders choose collaboration over rivalry, sealing a $300K joint investment from Cuban and Rubin. AI innovation takes center stage! 
  • Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin’s partnership with Bot-It signals a bright future for AI in combating online bots and securing high-demand items.

In a recent episode of the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” Bot-It, an artificial intelligence (AI) company based in Los Angeles, made headlines by capturing the attention and investment of billionaire judges Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin. Bot-It founders Maurice Bachelor and Joel Griffith successfully pitched their innovative AI technology that automates various online tasks, including booking appointments and making reservations. This breakthrough technology also assists users in obtaining high-demand items like concert tickets and limited-edition sneakers. The unique value proposition of Bot-It lies in its ability to combat large-scale bot operations, a factor that piqued the interest of Cuban and Rubin.

The Pitch: Bot-it’s solution to online automation

Bot-It’s founders, Maurice Bachelor, and Joel Griffith, entered the “Shark Tank,” seeking a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their AI company. Cuban, known for his savvy investments, quickly extended an offer, suggesting $150,000 for a larger 20% equity share. However, Michael Rubin, another esteemed billionaire investor on the show, had different terms in mind. Rubin proposed investing $50,000 for a 15% stake in Bot-It, valuing the company at a higher rate than Cuban’s initial offer.

The battle of the billionaires

The tension in the “Shark Tank” soared as the Bot-It founders were caught between two titans of the business world. Billionaire judge Kevin O’Leary aptly dubbed the situation a “Shark fight” and “the battle of the billionaires.” The founders had a difficult decision to make, with both offers carrying their own merits and potential implications for the future of Bot-It.

A joint deal emerges

In a strategic move, Bachelor and Griffith decided to explore the possibility of a joint deal, encouraging both Cuban and Rubin to combine their resources and expertise to accelerate the growth of Bot-It. After some negotiation and deliberation, Cuban and Rubin reached an agreement. They offered a substantial investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 30% equity stake in the company. Although the Bot-It team initially hesitated, they ultimately recognized the immense value of having two billionaire investors on board and accepted the joint offer.

The significance of the deal

For Bot-It, the deal marked a pivotal moment in its journey. Maurice Bachelor enthusiastically said, “This is the most important day of the Bot-It life. Having both of those Sharks on our team right now will take us to the next level.” The combined expertise, networks, and resources of Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin are expected to propel Bot-It to new heights in the competitive AI market.

The powerhouses behind bot-It

Mark Cuban, known for his role on the hit show “Shark Tank” and his ownership of the Dallas Mavericks, is a seasoned investor with a track record of successful investments in various industries. His involvement in Bot-It is expected to bring strategic insights and a wealth of experience.

Michael Rubin, the co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and the founder of Fanatics, a leading sports e-commerce platform, is renowned for his entrepreneurial acumen. His expertise in e-commerce and the sports industry will likely be a game-changer for Bot-It as it expands its offerings.

The future of bot-It: Leveraging AI for competitive advantage

Bot-It’s unique AI technology has the potential to revolutionize how individuals and businesses automate online tasks and gain an edge in the digital landscape. By combating large-scale bot operations and assisting users in securing high-demand items, Bot-It addresses pain points in various industries, including e-commerce, ticketing, and reservations.

With the backing of Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin, Bot-It is poised to accelerate its growth and expand its market reach. The $300,000 investment will provide the necessary resources to develop further and refine their AI solutions, enhancing their competitiveness in the AI industry.

A winning formula for bot-It

The recent episode of “Shark Tank” showcased Bot-It’s AI technology’s immense potential and ability to attract high-profile investors. The joint investment of $300,000 from Mark Cuban and Michael Rubin is a testament to their confidence in Bot-It’s founders and their vision for the company.

As Bot-It continues to develop and refine its AI solutions, it will likely disrupt industries reliant on online automation and provide individuals and businesses with a competitive edge. The “battle of the billionaires” on “Shark Tank” may have been intense, but for Bot-It, it was a winning formula that set the stage for a promising future in artificial intelligence.

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