AI Levels the Playing Field for Creators on YouTube, Says Exec


  • YouTube exec says AI is levelling the playing field for creators.
  • While AI can elevate video quality, it can’t replace the human touch.
  • Hanif said YouTube is working on an AI translation feature that could expand creators’ reach and revenue potential globally.

Discussions about AI replacing YouTubers and content creators have been heating up recently following the release of OpenAI’s latest tool called Sora, which can turn simple texts into stunning and realistic videos. 

Some people speculated that Sora could render some YouTubers and videographers redundant in the future and result in an influx of AI videos on YouTube and all over the internet. In another sense, however, others believed Sora could help creators, especially those without proper camera setups and resources, to make better videos. 

Is AI the Death of YouTube Stars?

YouTube’s VP of creator products, Amjad Hanif, agrees with the latter narrative. In a recent interview with Fortune, Hanif said he’s convinced that artificial intelligence will help level the playing field by giving creators equal access to top-level production.

The world of YouTube feels increasingly divided. On one side, we have the major stars, boasting multi-million dollar production budgets, celebrity collaborations, and high-concept sets. Think MrBeast’s elaborate challenges or Liza Koshy’s comedic skits with intricate storylines and special effects. 

But for the vast majority of creators, the reality is vastly different, often involving a bedroom studio, a ring light, a basic camera, and free editing software. 

“A lot of the effects—the visual quality, the visual imagery—up until now it’s taken a team of somebody like Jimmy [MrBeast] to be able to produce,” Hanif said. “[AI] is going to make that available to a much broader group of creators.”

While it’s true that high production value is much more likely to grab people’s attention, arguably, it still cannot compensate for a lack of charisma, authenticity, or compelling storytelling. 

Many beloved YouTubers have cultivated audiences with minimal equipment, relying on humour, personality, or niche expertise. But think of how much spice AI tools could bring to their production.

AI Can Drive More Revenues for YouTubers

In addition to improving video production quality, Hanif further noted AI’s potential to help creators earn more revenue. 

The YouTube exec said they are working on a translation tool, currently in trial, that will allow YouTubers to translate videos into different languages like English, Spanish, and Portuguese through AI. According to him, the AI translation service will enable creators to capture international audiences, which translates to more revenue opportunities. 

“The most seismic shift is the most recent one around AI. It is a very dramatic shift in the way creators operate, run their business and create content,” Hanif told Fortune. 

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