AI-Infused XR Underwater Fantasy Mesmerizes at Spring Gala 2024


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  • XR and AI blend seamlessly in immersive entertainment experiences.
  • Virtual figures like Li Bai add depth and engagement to live events.
  • Cutting-edge technologies redefine traditional performance boundaries.

The 2024 Spring Festival Gala, a highly anticipated event broadcast by China Media Group (CMG), captivated audiences with a groundbreaking fusion of advanced technologies, including extended reality (XR), virtual production (VP), and artificial intelligence (AI). 

This year’s gala showcased a seamless integration of virtual and real scenes, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience through cutting-edge production techniques.

Gala transformed by AI-driven stage interaction

At the heart of the gala’s technological marvel was an immersive stage interaction system, revolutionizing the traditional studio setup. Utilizing ultra-high-definition shooting and AI production, actors’ movements were meticulously captured, preserving moments with unprecedented realism. 

The synergy of augmented reality (AR) real-time rendering technologies further elevated the visual spectacle, blurring the lines between physical and digital realms.

Virtual Li Bai enchants audiences with XR and VP technologies

One of the most mesmerizing moments of the evening was the appearance of the virtual figure of Li Bai, a renowned Chinese poet from the Tang Dynasty. Through the magic of XR and VP technologies, Li Bai seemingly materialized in the streets of Xi’an, engaging in enchanting interactions with the environment and local actors. 

From strolling through ancient thoroughfares to soaring across the night sky on cranes, the lifelike rendition of Li Bai left viewers spellbound.

The seamless integration of animation-reality synthesis and XR real-time rendering brought Li Bai to life in astonishing detail. Jiang Yuhao, visual director of the gala, highlighted the meticulous adjustments made to lighting and shadow renderings, ensuring a perfect harmony between the virtual figure and reality. 

Viewers in Xi’an were even treated to an immersive experience, as they could interact with Li Bai by scanning local building outlines with their mobile phones, further blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Underwater extravaganza unveils XR rendering mastery

Another highlight of the gala was the mesmerizing performance titled “Koi fish,” where dancers gracefully navigated through an illusory underwater world. Through the innovative XR rendering system, the studio hall was transformed into a captivating aquatic landscape, complete with rippling water and dynamic lighting effects.

Fan Xiaoxuan, senior engineer of CMG’s Technology Bureau, shed light on the intricacies of the XR rendering process, emphasizing the seamless fusion of virtual and real lighting to create a truly immersive perspective. As performers moved with the agility of fish, audiences were treated to a mesmerizing display of virtual ripples following their every step, a feat achieved through precise tracking technology.

The integration of signal trackers worn by performers allowed for real-time capture of position and posture data, facilitating the creation of dynamic special effects synchronized with the dancers’ movements. 

This groundbreaking approach not only elevated the artistic expression of the performance but also showcased the boundless possibilities of XR technology in the realm of live entertainment.

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