Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) Growing Impact on Elections Raises Concerns


  • Deepfake videos and personalized persuasion by AI raise concerns for the integrity of democratic processes.
  • AI enhances traditional election interference methods, posing challenges for identifying and countering misinformation.
  • As AI technology advances, immediate legislative action is crucial to prevent its misuse in influencing voters and elections.

As the 2024 U.S. presidential election looms, concerns about the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the democratic process have taken center stage. Digital experts warn that the use of AI, particularly in the form of deepfake videos, disinformation campaigns, and personalized persuasion, poses a serious threat to the integrity of elections.

The rise of deepfakes and personalized persuasion

AI’s ability to generate photorealistic images, convincing text, and voice audio indistinguishable from real people has surged. Open AI’s products, such as Chat GPT and image creation software DALL-E, have been made readily available on the web, raising alarms about the potential misuse of this technology. Despite calls for legislation to regulate AI, there is a reluctance in Congress to stifle innovation, leaving the field largely unregulated.

Amplifying traditional election interference

AI has the capacity to enhance existing methods of election interference, making them more efficient and widespread. In the 2020 elections, right-wing activists employed deceptive robo-calls and rumor bombs to discourage voters, particularly in swing states. The use of AI could exponentially increase the reach of such campaigns by quickly identifying target voters and tailoring messages based on detailed personal data obtained from commercial brokers.

The terrifying prospect of deepfake videos

Deepfake videos, showing individuals saying or doing things they never did, have become a significant concern. Examples include a deepfake video shared by Donald Trump in which CNN’s Anderson Cooper was falsely portrayed. Such videos can be created with relative ease, blending real footage with AI-generated content to create misleading narratives. The potential for these deepfakes to influence public opinion is considerable.

Challenges and lack of safeguards

Despite glitches in the technology that can sometimes reveal fakes upon close scrutiny, the speed at which AI-generated content can be created and disseminated surpasses the capabilities of fact-checkers. Critics argue that the lack of legal restrictions on lying in political ads, combined with the rapid spread of AI-generated content on social media, poses a significant challenge to safeguarding the democratic process.

Industry insiders, including Sam Altman, have called on Washington D.C. to introduce new laws governing AI to prevent its misuse in elections. The potential for AI to exploit individuals’ fears and biases by analyzing their online behavior is a new and alarming form of interference that demands legislative attention.

The need for immediate action

As AI technology advances, the urgency to address its potential misuse in elections grows. While the promises of a trillion-dollar industry may be appealing, experts emphasize the need for a balanced approach that ensures the responsible use of AI in the democratic process. The 2024 election is poised to be a battleground where AI’s influence will be keenly observed, and the consequences of inaction could be severe.

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