Game Revolutionizes Handling of Lunar New Year Interrogations Through AI


  • Young Chinese use an AI game to practice talking to nosy relatives during the Lunar New Year. It helps them handle questions about relationships and money.
  • The game became super popular, but some worried it would be rude. However, many found it useful for improving family conversations.
  • People liked the game because it let them express their feelings and understand their relatives better, especially when they couldn’t be together.

Games have become popular for young Chinese preparing for Lunar New Year festivities, offering an innovative solution to navigate the challenging tradition of family interrogations.

Developed by a group of students in just 24 hours, “Epic Showdown: New Year Reunion” gained immense popularity, attracting over three million users within a week of its release at the end of January. The surge in users caused the servers to crash due to overwhelming demand.

The game features a cast of 10 relatives, each posing questions ranging from personal relationships to financial status. Players navigate through different levels, attempting to appease their virtual relatives and progress to the final bosses: their parents. Depending on their responses, players may face criticism or encouragement from the AI characters, reflecting the diverse dynamics of family interactions.

While some initially viewed it as disrespectful to relatives, it quickly garnered praise for its practicality and effectiveness in preparing young people for real-life conversations with family members. Users appreciated the opportunity to practice communication skills and manage expectations during the holiday season.

The game-changing AI experience navigates family dynamics

The game’s emphasis on cross-generational communication underscores its mission to bridge the gap between different age groups within families. Through simulated Lunar New Year interactions, users gain invaluable practice navigating potentially delicate topics, fostering empathy and understanding among relatives of varying generations. 

The game encourages open dialogue and mutual respect by providing a safe virtual environment, and strengthening familial bonds. Users are empowered to engage in meaningful conversations, building bridges across generational divides and paving the way for more harmonious relationships within the family unit.

AI game unlocks emotional connections

For a subset of users, the game serves as a therapeutic release, providing a safe avenue to vent pent-up emotions and frustrations. By confronting challenging inquiries and articulating genuine sentiments within a virtual realm, individuals experience a cathartic journey that facilitates a more genuine and uninhibited exchange of thoughts and feelings with family members. 

This virtual platform offers a space for emotional release and fosters a sense of liberation, empowering users to engage in candid and authentic dialogues that may otherwise be inhibited in real-life settings. 

Through this process, users find relief and gain valuable insights into their own emotions and relationships, paving the way for deeper connections and mutual understanding within their familial circles.

The game’s unexpected realism has left numerous users in awe, evoking feelings of nervousness or deep emotional resonance during gameplay. Its authentic depiction of familial dynamics has spurred introspection and contemplation among players, underscoring the virtual journey’s profound emotional depth and resonance. 

This striking realism has captivated users and served as a catalyst for meaningful self-discovery and empathy, transcending the boundaries of traditional gaming experiences. 

Through its immersive portrayal of human relationships, the game offers a unique opportunity for players to explore the complexities of familial interactions, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and the dynamics that shape their interpersonal connections.

Positive user experiences

In the midst of the game’s widespread acclaim, users have enthusiastically shared their positive experiences and heartwarming anecdotes. Many express gratitude for the opportunity to connect with virtual relatives, especially poignant for those unable to be physically present with their families during the holiday season. 

Others recount touching moments of connection and understanding, highlighting the game’s remarkable ability to bridge emotional gaps and fortify familial bonds. These testimonials underscore the game’s profound impact in fostering meaningful interactions and nurturing relationships, transcending physical distances, and enriching the spirit of togetherness during special occasions.

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