AI Framework in Nigeria Set to Revolutionize National Development


  • Nigeria is considering holding a national workshop in Abuja on building a strong framework led by Minister Bosun Tijani’s support.
  • Dr. Tijani aims to harness AI for national growth, emphasizing its potential in education, agriculture, and healthcare.
  • Projects like NAIRS and 4IRTA will play a critical role in the future of mainstream AI applications

Nigeria is at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) innovation, convening 120 experts comprising researchers, startups, and stakeholders. This program, led by the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, will use countrywide AI implementation guidelines. The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Workshop, scheduled for April 15 to 18 in Abuja, will host Nigeria’s top experts to meet with and collaborate with to develop this directionally important initiative.

Dr. Tijani remarked that AI could play a pivotal role in developing Nigeria’s technology and that the country should maximize AI for development. He identified various fields in which AI can be applied to effectively resolve complex problems, ranging from education to agriculture and healthcare. This coordinated strategy aligns with the government’s aspirations to employ technology advancement to increase productivity and raise well-being levels.

Designing Strategies for AI Development 

While acknowledging the diversity of the Nigerian AI community globally, Dr. Tijani highlighted the need to leverage this pool of expertise to benefit the community. Projects like the National AI Research Scheme (NAIRS) and Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology Application (4IRTA) provided collaborative opportunities with competent academics and entrepreneurs. The government targets the involvement of these visionaries to make AI applications applicable and sustainable.

Since taking over, Dr. Tijani’s proactive stance underscores his vision to underscore a national approach to integrating AI into Nigeria’s development agenda. The formation of an elaborate artificial intelligence plan represents a coming together of an intent to plan and prepare in advance. Nigeria would best position itself to benefit from the transformational power of technology for progress and prosperity across the nation by creating a friendly ecosystem for AI innovation.

Innovation as a Tool for Overcoming Societal Issues

AI’s integration offers a robot of solutions to our united challenges. Some solutions include expanding educational attainment, optimizing agriculture, and managing healthcare. It is worth noting that these AI-enabled solutions provide a remarkable platform for improvement. Through establishing partnerships between researchers, startups, and stakeholders, Nigeria will unleash the power of AI to solve national crises effectively.

Nigeria’s Post-national Artificial Intelligence Strategy Workshop has ushered in a new dawn and has taken the country to the next level of technology. The forum can encourage knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation by bringing together various stakeholders. Through collective efforts and shared vision, Nigeria strives to create a roadmap of AI-guided development, which will ensure that we build a bright and prosperous future.

Source: https://twitter.com/bosuntijani/status/1775468537554854019

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