AI Developer Finds Love: From Tinder Swipes to a Proposal with AI’s Help

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    • AI developer’s quest for love on Tinder leads to a surprising proposal, with AI as a digital cupid.

    • Love and technology intersect, prompting questions about the role of algorithms in modern romance.

    • Zhadan’s story highlights the unexpected ways technology transforms personal connections.

In the digital age, the search for love has taken a unique turn for Russian AI developer, Alexander Zhadan. Frustrated by traditional dating methods, Zhadan embarked on an experiment that combined technology, algorithms, and romance. His journey, which began in 2022, led to unexpected insights and ultimately, a proposal that defied conventional expectations.

Version 1: A basic start

Zhadan’s quest started with a rudimentary script, known as “Version 1,” designed to swipe right on Tinder based on predefined criteria. The criteria included elements like having two or more photos, recognizing the importance of first impressions in the digital realm. Although not flawless, this initial script allowed him to connect with potential matches on the dating platform.

Version 2: ChatGPT takes the stage

Unsatisfied with the limitations of “Version 1,” Zhadan advanced to “Version 2,” harnessing the power of ChatGPT. This upgraded AI incorporated photo recognition to filter out dealbreakers, such as incompatible zodiac signs, and content unsuitable for polite conversation. It also demonstrated the ability to segment messages, mute bothersome users, and, most impressively, mimic Zhadan’s own writing style, effectively composing pickup lines and facilitating smoother interactions.

AI’s Limits: From Algorithms to Reality

While AI could optimize the dating process, it couldn’t account for the unpredictable nuances of human emotion. Occasionally, Zhadan’s AI bot made errors, promising dates nonexistent flowers or inadvertently double-booking, highlighting the enduring truth that genuine connections transcend algorithms.

Version 3: Love takes center stage

As he honed his approach, Zhadan refocused his efforts on just four potential partners. It was during this phase that he crossed paths with Karina. Their connection was undeniable, and this time, AI played a supportive role rather than a central one. Zhadan created “Version 3” specifically for Karina, transforming it into a communication bridge that helped maintain their connection amidst busy schedules and offered advice on navigating their conversations – essentially a digital relationship assistant.

AI’s unprecedented role: A proposal from ChatGPT

In a remarkable twist, ChatGPT, after analyzing their conversations, suggested that Zhadan propose to Karina. Astonishingly, he followed through with the AI’s recommendation, proposing a romantic trip to Macau. AI even contributed to the planning of this memorable moment. The couple is now set to tie the knot in August 2024, a testament to the unpredictability of love and the role technology can play in modern relationships.

A love story that sparks debate

Alexander Zhadan’s journey into the world of online dating, guided by AI, provokes intriguing discussions about the intersection of technology and romance. It challenges us to ponder the nature of genuine connections in a digitally driven era. Was it love, or merely an optimized match facilitated by algorithms? The answer may reside somewhere in between, offering a captivating glimpse into how technology continues to reshape the most personal aspects of our lives.

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