AI Conference in Nairobi Set to Propel Innovation and Collaboration


  • Big AI conference in Nairobi on March 26-27, 2024, organized by Drone Space, focusing on AI, drones, and data analytics.
  • Experts and enthusiasts gathering to discuss trends, promote AI integration, and tackle ethical issues.
  • Learn about AI advancements, collaborate with leaders, and explore future tech in different sectors.

Nairobi is poised to become the focal point of cutting-edge advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it gears up to host a prestigious conference on March 26-27, 2024. The event will be organized by Drone Space, a leading company specializing in drone technology, at the Sarit Expo Centre, featuring a lineup of esteemed speakers and experts delving into AI, drones, and data analytics.

Bringing together experts and enthusiasts

The conference aims to attract diverse professionals, enthusiasts, and industry leaders across the region, serving as a melting pot of ideas and innovations. With a focus on fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, attendees can anticipate an immersive experience showcasing the forefront of advancements and trends in AI and related technologies.

At the heart of the conference lies a commitment to highlighting the latest trends and encouraging the integration of AI solutions across various sectors. Experts will shed light on the latest trends and future trajectories of AI, drone technology, and data analytics through keynote presentations and panel discussions. Moreover, the event seeks to address existing gaps in access and training, aiming to catalyze the seamless integration and application of AI solutions across diverse industries.

Navigating ethical AI considerations

As AI technologies evolve, there are growing concerns about their ethical implications. From bias in algorithms to job displacement due to automation, addressing these challenges requires careful consideration of ethical principles and transparency in AI. The conference endeavors to facilitate discussions on these pressing issues, fostering a deeper understanding of the ethical dimensions of AI and exploring strategies to mitigate potential risks.

The upcoming AI conference in Nairobi promises to be pivotal for the region’s innovation ecosystem. By bringing together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts, the event is poised to propel collaboration, spark new ideas, and drive forward the integration of AI solutions across diverse sectors. As the world embraces the transformative potential of AI, events like these serve as catalysts for progress, ensuring that technological advancements are harnessed responsibly and ethically for the benefit of society.

Drone Space is a leading company at the forefront of drone technology, specializing in developing innovative solutions for various industries. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of what is possible with drones, Drone Space is committed to driving forward innovation and shaping the future of unmanned aerial systems. Through initiatives such as the AI conference in Nairobi, Drone Space seeks to foster collaboration and inspire the next generation of innovators in AI and drone technology.

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