AI Adoption Outpacing Marketers’ Proficiency, CIM Warns


  • AI in marketing is growing fast, but most marketers aren’t confident using it effectively.
  • Many European marketers use AI for content, conversations, and analysis but face challenges like software understanding and lack of expertise.
  • Closing the gap between AI adoption and marketer skills is crucial for businesses to thrive in the AI-driven future.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) issued a stern warning today, revealing that the widespread utilization of AI-generated imagery has surged to surpass the professional skills necessary for its effective implementation. 

A recent poll conducted among over 1,000 European Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) sheds light on a stark reality: while nearly half of marketers actively employ AI, merely a meager 4% express confidence in their adeptness to proficiently harness its capabilities.

Marketers struggle to keep pace with AI evolution

The poll conducted by CIM underlines a growing discrepancy between the adoption of AI technology and the proficiency levels of marketers tasked with its deployment. Startlingly, nearly half of the respondents revealed active usage of AI, with an additional 40% currently in the planning stages of integration. 

Only 12% admit to not having implemented AI or machine learning into their daily operations. This rapid uptake underscores the pivotal role AI is set to play in the foreseeable future, with 44% of respondents ranking it within their top three agenda items, surpassing digital marketing and customer experience management.

Key challenges hindering AI integration

Despite the palpable enthusiasm surrounding AI adoption, European marketers encounter significant hurdles in harnessing its potential. Chief among these challenges is a limited understanding of suitable AI software, cited by 57% of respondents. 

Furthermore, 39% lament the absence of in-house expertise required for effective implementation. Another significant barrier highlighted is the inadequacy of data necessary to train AI models, acknowledged by 24% of marketers.

Among the European marketers surveyed, the primary applications of AI in their domain are revealed. Topping the list is content production, with a commanding 69% of respondents utilizing AI in this area. 

Following closely is conversational AI, embraced by 35% of marketers, while automated analysis rounds off the trio with a 14% adoption rate. These applications signify a strategic integration of AI into various facets of marketing operations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Implications for businesses

The implications of this burgeoning gap between AI adoption and marketer proficiency are far-reaching for businesses. While AI holds immense potential to revolutionize marketing strategies and drive business growth, its effective utilization requires a nuanced understanding and skillset.

Failure to bridge this proficiency gap could leave businesses vulnerable to risks stemming from suboptimal AI implementation, potentially undermining their competitive edge in an increasingly AI-driven landscape.

CIM CEO Chris Daly’s perspective

Commenting on the findings, CIM CEO Chris Daly acknowledges the impressive strides made in AI adoption among European marketers. However, he underscores the urgency for marketers to upskill and develop the requisite proficiency to leverage AI’s transformative capabilities effectively. Daly emphasizes the imperative for businesses to invest in training and development initiatives to bridge the proficiency gap and maximize the potential of AI technology.

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