Adobe prepares to enter the NFT market

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• The design software company believes that the NFT market needs to provide a good verification system for its parts.
• NFT credentials at Adobe in beta phase and set to be released shortly.

The NFT trade could be boosted after the participation of Adobe, which has specialized in creating design software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, among others. The American company does not intend to create its NFT collection but help the non-fungible trade by implementing various functions in its virtual design programs.

The company proposes to include a tool so Non-Fungible parts created under its programs may be verified. In this way, the new NFT pieces will have a signature that authorizes them as unique.

Adobe supports NFT commerce


Adobe’s technology company understands well what is happening with virtual commerce and those new auctions that have benefited thousands of artists worldwide. That is why the firm worked incognito to support the growing digital market and thus demonstrate its commitment to new talents.

The American design software developer is pleased to showcase the “credential” tool to offer a verification system for each NFT part. This tool will work with metadata so the user or client can confirm the originality of each NFT auction. The credentials option can be linked to the Adobe profile, a material badge in social networks, and crypto Wallets.

All NFT credentials will be supported by the company, which gives credibility to the collected virtual pieces. The company partnered with renowned NFT galleries such as KnownOrigin, Rarible, super rare, and OpenSea, who manage a large part of the virtual auctions to achieve this tool.

NFT trade growth in 2021

The year 2021 has brought many surprises. This is the fame that NFT auctions have generated in almost any category. The market for non-fungible tokens, which has been operating since June 2017 with the first CryptoPunks collection, is a trend this year where thousands of artists, singers, business people, and athletes have taken advantage of it. As one of the leading software developers for these virtual images, Adobe is key, and that is why they want to support the trade.

The company also responds to the high demand from artists who asked for an NFT verification tool to prevent the pieces from being cloned. Although the work was heavy, the company developed a user-friendly tool for NFT enthusiasts and designers familiar with Adobe products. However, the NFT verification option is still in the Beta version, where some field tests and some tweaks have to be done for its optimal operation.

Some details of the NFT feature reveal that the creators of these non-fungible parts can remain anonymous after posting. NFT creators can also link their crypto wallets linked to their social media profiles. This NFT credential scheme could succeed considering that the market is growing, and it becomes increasingly difficult to certify parts.

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