Adelaide’s Academic Landscape Transforms with Pioneering University Merger


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  • South Australia’s two leading public universities are merging to form the new Adelaide University, with legislative support confirming the decision.
  • The merger process is highly collaborative, involving community input through the CreateAU platform, and aims to open the new university by January 2026.
  • This initiative represents a significant shift in the region’s educational landscape, focusing on innovation, community engagement, and redefining academic standards.

Legislation has been passed in the South Australian parliament, paving the way for the establishment of a new Adelaide University. This significant development comes after over two decades of discussions and planning, marking a pivotal moment in the state’s education sector. The new university emerges from the merger of two of South Australia’s leading public universities, reflecting a strategic alignment and the fruition of a bold, long-envisioned plan.

Collaborative foundations for a future institution

Central to forming the new Adelaide University is an unprecedented level of engagement with the university communities – including staff, students, alumni, and industry partners. This initiative, driven by co-creation principles, seeks to harness the collective wisdom and aspirations of over 200,000 individuals affiliated with these institutions. The approach is not merely constructing a new educational entity but shaping it with the insights and experiences of those it will serve and represent.

In an innovative move, the merger process has embraced technology, notably by launching the CreateAU online platform. Developed with the support of Planview, a global software enterprise, this platform is a testament to the forward-thinking approach of the merger. It leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate widespread participation, allowing community members to contribute ideas and feedback. This method embodies a democratic ethos, ensuring that the new university reflects the diverse voices within its community.

Charting the course: Strategic intent and entrepreneurial spirit

The journey towards the actualization of Adelaide University is guided by a comprehensive feasibility assessment and a detailed White Paper and Business Case. These documents lay a roadmap towards the university’s official opening, targeted for January 1, 2026, contingent on receiving all necessary regulatory approvals. This timeline underscores the project’s ambitious nature and the commitment to adhering to high standards of planning and execution.

An integral part of this process is developing a statement of strategic intent currently underway. This statement, crafted with contributions from various stakeholders, is expected to encapsulate the new institution’s core values, educational objectives, research ambitions, and overall vision. The engagement strategy employed here is unique in its scale and method, utilizing online platforms for threaded discussions, voting, and commenting on ideas. This approach gathers a wide array of insights and fosters a sense of ownership and participation among the community members.

The ethos driving this monumental merger is one of challenging conventional paradigms within the academic sector. By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and building innovation ecosystems, the initiative seeks to transcend traditional boundaries of academic engagement. This approach has already begun to yield a rich tapestry of ideas, laying a foundation for an institution that is adaptive, innovative, and reflective of collective intelligence.

Looking ahead: A unifying vision

As the new Adelaide University takes shape, it represents more than just a merger of two institutions; it symbolizes the unification of shared beliefs in the transformative power of education. The guiding principle is that by bringing together diverse perspectives and strengths, the new university can substantially impact South Australia on a broader scale. It stands as a beacon of hope and progress in the educational landscape, promising to deliver an academic experience that is contemporary, inclusive, and forward-looking.

In conclusion, establishing the new Adelaide University is a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and innovation. As it moves from concept to reality, it promises to set new benchmarks in higher education, not only in South Australia but across the global academic community.

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