Taiwan crypto exchange ACE faces criminal probe over shitcoins


  • ACE, a major Taiwanese crypto exchange, is under criminal investigation for suspected fraud involving over NT$1 billion in ‘shitcoins’.
  • Lin Nan and Pan Nan are accused of using social media to deceive investors with worthless cryptocurrencies.
  • Police raids resulted in 14 arrests and the seizure of assets totaling over NT$200 million.
  • The alleged scheme exploited information gaps, falsely promising high returns on ‘junk coins’.

In a striking turn of events, ACE, Taiwan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has found itself in the throes of a criminal investigation. This probe, led by Taiwan’s criminal police, centers around allegations of fraud exceeding NT$1 billion. The spotlight of this investigation falls on the promotion and sale of so-called ‘shitcoins’, a term colloquially used to describe worthless or fraudulent cryptocurrencies. This case has sent ripples through the crypto community, reflecting the darker side of the digital currency boom.

The Plot Thickens: ACE’s Alleged Fraudulent Scheme

Reports indicate that ACE’s operations involved more than the mere exchange of cryptocurrencies. It is alleged that Lin Nan and Pan Nan, two key figures in this saga, orchestrated a sophisticated scheme to dupe investors. Utilizing social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they purportedly lured investors with promises of quick wealth, claiming that certain virtual currencies would be listed on renowned exchanges both domestically and internationally.

The crux of their strategy revolved around exploiting information asymmetries and capitalizing on the crypto frenzy fueled by Bitcoin’s success. They positioned these virtually worthless currencies as cutting-edge technological investments with high future potential. However, in reality, these were nothing more than ‘junk coins’ and ‘air coins’ – terms denoting cryptocurrencies with no real value or potential.

The Raid and Aftermath: A Major Crackdown

In a coordinated crackdown, the police launched raids across 15 locations in Taipei, New Taipei, and Taichung, culminating in the arrest of 14 individuals, including Lin, Pan, and their employees. This operation was not just a mere slap on the wrist; it was a significant blow to the alleged fraudulent activities of ACE. The authorities seized substantial assets, including NT$111.52 million in cash from Lin’s residence and virtual currency equivalent to NT$108 million from the company’s stronghold.

This seizure, totaling over NT$200 million, is a testament to the scale of the alleged fraud. The police estimate that the total fraud could exceed NT$1 billion, a staggering amount that highlights the magnitude of this scandal. During interrogation, Lin and Pan remained reticent, offering evasive responses, further complicating the investigation. The duo, along with their associates, now face legal action under various charges, including fraud and violations of the Money Laundering Prevention Act and the Banking Act.

In essence, the ACE scandal is more than just a blip on the crypto radar; it’s a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls in the digital currency world. As the crypto market continues to evolve, this case underscores the need for vigilance and regulation to protect investors and maintain the integrity of this burgeoning industry. The unfolding of this investigation will be closely watched, as it will set precedents and possibly shape future regulatory frameworks in the world of cryptocurrency.

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