About 450k Coinama crypto brokerage users at risk after hack

Israeli cryptocurrency brokerage is among twenty-four (24) companies hit by a successful hack attempt that is believed to have stolen data of seven-hundred and forty-seven million (747m) records. Media reported that about one and a quarter million users of the brokerage firm are currently at risk.

The firm revealed in a statement that about four hundred and fifty thousand email addresses and the hashed passwords associated with these email addresses had been posted on the darknet.

The company further revealed in the post that users who registered before August 2017 are at risk whereas the breach has affected hundreds of millions more in a single stroke of the hack.

Coinama has further assured the information has not yet been used so far, and the exchange believes that their systems are secure.

Curbing the problem

Coinama has notified its users at risk, along with detailed information on protective measures. They are also monitoring their systems for any “suspicious activity.”

What can the users do?

Coinama has requested users who registered with the brokerage anytime before the 5th of August, 2017 to change their passwords at the earliest.

They also requested users to use strong passwords and avoid any suspicious links, downloads, and emails that may lead to the use of their information since Coinama has not stored any user credit card information.

Media reports have further revealed that the hack attempt came from the hacker group that is currently selling about one hundred and twenty-seven million user information records on a known darknet marketplace. The data is believed to be carrying information from eight different organizations.