A Dual System of Cryptocurrencies to Simplify the Core Components of Payments and Fees

The online payment market has been crying out for a viable crypto solution for some time. The problem is, traditional cryptocurrencies present a number of problems for both users and businesses when used for online payments. That’s why Samecoin brings you a dual system of cryptocurrencies to simplify payments and fees for online payments and more—aiming to revolutionize online payments.

Samecoin ecosystem has been built with digital payments in mind, and offers a huge range of benefits that unite the best parts of both crypto and fiat—making it much easier to make payments without having to worry about fluctuating currencies or costly fees. 

Samecoin—the pinnacle of stable crypto for the online payment space

Samecoin introduces a family of stablecoins, SameUSD, SameEUR and more. These have all been designed to simplify payments and make it much easier to pay with a decentralized crypto coin.

These bring the benefits of blockchain technology for payments and authentication while being stable enough that they can be used confidently by players at all times. This will make crypto payments so much more easier for an ordinary person entering the crypto world. To deposit funds, pay someone or to receive funds, it will no longer have the complex calculations. Thanks to increased security as well as faster transactions and lower fees. Samecoin looks set to revolutionize the entire online payment landscape.

Samecoin’s dual system

While Samecoin’s family of fiat-like cryptos such as SameUSD acts as the spendable currency, users can also use the utility token Samecoin to pay for fees and reduce transaction costs. This dual system makes it much more simple to conduct payouts as well as handle the payment of fees. This system helps solve the problem of having cryptocurrencies seen as assets rather than an actual currency.

Why stablecoins are the key solution for the payment industry

More and more people are noticing the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies every day. But these cryptocurrencies are often seen as an investment, rather than something you can actually spend on a day to day basis.

Many cryptocurrencies are so volatile, the amount you deposit one day might fluctuate wildly within a few hours, and be worth a completely different amount a day later. Also, why would you use a cryptocurrency you think might go up in price to buy something now?

That’s why you need a stablecoin.

Samecoin brings you a range of stablecoins that are tied to fiat currencies, like SameUSD and SameEUR. These have a fixed price, yet still have all the privacy and security features of a popular cryptocurrency.

Samecoins can be used together with SamePay, to make it much easier to send and receive crypto quickly. Users can also enjoy reduced fees when using SamePay for iGaming deposits and other online payments.

With Samecoin’s currencies, it’s easy for users to understand exactly how much their currency is worth at all times.

Samecoin’s ecosystem makes fees for online payments much lower than when paying with fiat, as well as providing additional privacy and security features (as well as speed benefits). 

Samecoins ecosystem simplifies the whole process from authentication to making payments and receiving funds. This gives Samecoin vendors a competitive benefit and could help them grow their reach, while providing users a payment system they can both understand and trust.

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