A costly mistake on Uniswap: User’s $700,000 loss leads to MEV Bot’s minimal gain

uniswap v4A costly mistake on Uniswap: User's $700,000 loss leads to MEV Bot's minimal gain

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  • A Uniswap V3 user accidentally swapped $1.56 million worth of Bitcoin for CRV tokens worth approximately $850,000, incurring a loss of over $700,000.
  • MEV bots quickly exploited the error, with the most successful bot earning just $260 after spending $527,000 on transaction fees to validators.

A Uniswap V3 user endured a costly blunder. The individual, presumably confusing the Curve DAO Token (CRV) for USD, initiated a liquidity pool transaction with severe consequences. The action, unfolding in a rapid 12-second window, resulted in a staggering loss exceeding $700,000.

MEV bots capitalize on human error

In the aftermath of the transaction, MEV bots, which specialize in extracting Miner Extractable Value, swiftly mobilized. These bots exploit price discrepancies resulting from blockchain transactions. The most adept bot secured a modest profit, overshadowed by the immense ‘priority fee’ it paid to validators. This fee, colloquially termed a ‘bribe’, ensures that a bot’s transaction is processed ahead of competing transactions. This particular incident saw the winning bot outlay a hefty $527,000 to supersede its rivals.

The Uniswap platform, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain, allows users to swap various cryptocurrencies without the need for a centralized party.  The user involved in this recent incident added approximately $1.56 million in wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) to a Uniswap liquidity pool. Instead of the expected USD equivalent, they received 1.56 million CRV tokens. At the time, the value of these tokens was markedly lower, around $850,000, leading to an immediate and substantial loss.

Arkham, a blockchain analytics firm, offered insights into the event but withheld sympathy, tersely remarking, “Tough luck.” Such errors, often dubbed “fat finger” mistakes, have become increasingly common in the cryptosphere. 

Similarly, just last month, another user erroneously swapped about $130,000 in a stablecoin USDR, which unfortunately turned out to be valueless.

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