7 New Altcoins with 10x Growth Potential in 2024

Altcoins have been a driving force behind the crypto market’s success in the past year.

However, identifying which projects to back can be challenging for investors.

With that in mind, this article will explore 7 new altcoins that could potentially 10x (or more) in value this year.

1. PlayDoge (PLAY)

For those seeking an altcoin that combines nostalgia, gaming, and meme culture, look no further than PlayDoge (PLAY).

This BNB Chain-based project lets users care for virtual “Doge” pets and earn PLAY tokens through mini-games.

With a nod to the ‘90s Tamagotchi craze, PlayDoge taps into the super-popular Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming market, projected to surge in value between now and 2030.

PlayDoge’s presale has already raised over $3.7 million, and PLAY tokens can be purchased for just $0.00506 during the current stage.

Since PLAY can be staked for yield or swapped for other tokens on the BNB Chain, this brand-new P2E project looks well-positioned for 10x gains in 2024.

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2. Sealana (SEAL)

Sealana (SEAL) is another new altcoin that’s generating enormous hype.

This Solana-based meme coin has raised over $4 million in presale and is gearing up for its first DEX listing in the coming weeks.

Many early backers believe SEAL is primed for success, given that “pure” meme coins like PEPE and WIF have fetched billion-dollar valuations.

In fact, over 10,300 people have already followed the project’s Twitter page.

Would-be investors only have until June 25 at 6pm to buy SEAL tokens through the presale.

Once the presale ends, and SEAL is launched on the open market, there’s scope for it to 10x (or more) in price, like other Solana meme coins before it.

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3. WienerAI (WAI)

When it comes to bizarre meme coin concepts, WienerAI (WAI) stands out from the rest.

This new coin combines crypto trading with artificial intelligence – and a hefty dose of humor.

WienerAI’s team will offer an AI-powered trading bot that scans multiple DEXs to find optimal buying opportunities based on each user’s risk profile.

But here’s the real kicker – it can also execute trades on these DEXs with zero fees.

There’s even a staking protocol for WAI holders that offers yields of 207% per year.

So, with over $5.3 million raised in presale and more pouring in every day, WienerAI has all the ingredients for 10x growth in 2024.

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4. 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC)

In the crypto education space, 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC) is taking an audacious “Learn-to-Earn” approach.

This Ethereum-based token, soon to bridge to the new BRC-20 standard, is the backbone of 99Bitcoins’ new learning platform.

The platform allows crypto users to earn 99BTC tokens just for completing courses and quizzes.

99BTC holders also get premium content, trading signals, VIP communities, partner discounts, and more.

With a capped supply of 99 billion tokens, there are no worries of inflationary tokenomics.

For these reasons, and given that 99BTC’s presale has raised over $2.1 million already, many experts are bullish on the token’s long-term potential.

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5. Base Dawgz (DAWGZ)

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) is another new altcoin making serious noise.

This Shiba Inu-inspired coin brings the thrill of base jumping to the crypto market with a unique “Share-to-Earn” model that rewards users for creating viral memes.

But Base Dawgz isn’t just another dog-themed meme coin.

It’s also an ambitious multi-chain project spanning Ethereum, Avalanche, Base, and other top blockchains.

This cross-chain approach has been a key selling point for DAWGZ – and over $900,000 has been raised in the project’s presale in just two weeks.

If this momentum keeps up, there’s a solid chance that DAWGZ could have 10x potential post-listing.

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6. Mega Dice Token (DICE)

Crypto casinos are becoming more popular – and Mega Dice Token (DICE) could be a new altcoin that benefits from this trend.

As the native token of the popular Mega Dice casino, DICE powers a revenue-sharing model in which holders receive daily payouts based on the house’s performance.

Yet the utility doesn’t stop there since DICE holders can also access exclusive games and rewards.

Staking DICE also earns yields – providing a clear pathway to passive income.

With over 50,000 registered players and $50m+ in monthly wagers, Mega Dice casino is already a big player in the crypto gambling space.

And if DICE can capitalize on its first-mover advantage, it could be another new altcoin worth watching for 10x returns.

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7. Sui (SUI)

Rounding off our list of new altcoins with 10x growth potential is Sui (SUI).

This Layer-1 chain has an object-oriented architecture that boosts its DeFi capabilities.

Its Move language also enhances security while offering sub-second transaction finality.

The native SUI token, with a capped 10 billion supply, powers everything on the chain, from staking to gas fees.

Considering all these factors, it’s no surprise some have dubbed Sui the “Ethereum killer.”

So, with the SUI token still a fraction of the market cap of its competitors, the potential for massive upside is undeniable.

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