6 new partnerships propelling the Forward Protocol startup

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  • Forward Protocol’s future in blockchain space is bright after the recent $1.25m funding.
  • The team recenly announced six new partnerships.
  • Forward’s SHO and IBO launch and $FORWARD tokenomics

The future of Forward Protocol –a startup that facilitates decentralized blockchain adoption through customizable smart contracts – in the blockchain space seems to be bright. The blockchain recently announced that it had received over $1.25m in two funding rounds.

Forward Protocol is also attracting a few key players in the blockchain space, especially after announcing the public offering of its native token $FORWARD on DAOmaker and MahaStarter. Some of the latest strategic partnerships announced by the protocol are:

Magnus Capital

Magnus Capital is an industry leader in digital assets. The Amsterdam-based company has worked with multiple blockchain startups helping them raise capital and improve their market share.

This partnership should provide Forward with multiple connections, advice, and financial backing as the blockchain deploys its smart contract models in the decentralized innovation space.


MarketAcross runs PR campaigns and social media promotions for startups in the blockchain space. This marketing service provider has helped multiple top blockchain projects launch their products. 

Partnering with MarketAcross will help Forward Protocol roll out its blockchain-based solution for a decentralized learning system, among other applications. Mitch, the Forward Protocol Co-founder, claimed that the investment from MarketAcross will provide the startup with the necessary support and validation for its efforts on mass blockchain adoption.

AU21 Capital

AU21 Capital has a strong reputation for identifying promising startups and supporting them financially. This early-stage crypto venture firm has a portfolio including Binance, DAO Maker, and Polygon, among other revolutionary startups. AU21 was recently recognized as the most active venture capital firm.

The partnership with AU21 Capital should provide Forward Protocol with a much-needed network within the blockchain space.  

X21 Digital

Known for its incubation and advisory services for crypto startups, X21 Digital is the go-to investment company for early-stage blockchain companies looking to improve their market share. X21 Digital has helped multiple crypto projects with financial backing through funding rounds to ensure maximum market penetration.

Forward Protocol recently launched an IBO for its $FORWARD token. X21 Digital’s expert advisory services and financial backing should come in handy as Forward Protocol tries to gain as much market exposure as possible.


Crypto Valley Venture Capital is a Swiss firm that provides equity investment to early-stage crypto projects. The recently announced financial backing of Forward Protocol is the first token investment into CV’s investment portfolio. 

Forward Protocol is creating a decentralized value-driven economy through its framework of modular smart contracts. The partnership provides Forward Protocol access to incubation, financial and advisory services offered by CV Labs. 

Polygon Matic

Polygon is considered the Internet of Blockchains – a protocol that connects Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks creating a multichain system. It helps blockchains reduce their gas fees while increasing transaction speeds. 

Forward Protocol is cross-chain compatible; hence its modular smart contracts can be deployed on any EVM compatible blockchain. With Polygon already offering ETH compatibility to various sovereign blockchains and scalable consensus algorithms, this partnership seamlessly fits Forward Protocol’s blockchain adoption goals. Polygon will also provide Forward with a financial grant.

The recently announced Forward Protocol IBO and SHO for $FORWARD are already live in DAO Maker and MahaDao’s MahaStarter. You can check the $FORWARD tokenomics as well as the token release schedule and FORWARD utility here.

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