5 Impressive Galaxy AI Features in the Samsung S24 Series


  • Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series introduces five impressive AI features that enhance user experiences.
  • Live Translate enables real-time translation during phone calls, bridging language gaps.
  • Generative Edit empowers users to enhance photos with ease, using AI-driven editing tools.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series has made waves with its sleek design and impressive camera capabilities, but it’s the introduction of new AI features that truly set these devices apart. With a focus on making users’ lives easier, Samsung has integrated cutting-edge Galaxy AI features that could be a compelling reason to upgrade to the Galaxy S24 series.

Live Translate to bridge language barriers in real-time

One of the standout features of the Galaxy S24 series is the Live Translate functionality. While services like Google Translate have been invaluable for travelers, they fall short when it comes to phone conversations. Samsung’s Live Translate addresses this limitation by providing real-time translation during phone calls.

The process is seamless – after an initial message indicating that the call is being translated and live captioned, users can engage in conversations confidently. The feature not only translates spoken words but also displays the translated text on the screen in real-time. This innovation is a game-changer for international communication, making foreign phone calls more accessible and less daunting.

Generative Edit for elevating your photo editing game

The S24 series introduces the Generative Edit feature, a powerful tool for enhancing photos before sharing them on social media. With Generative Edit, users can effortlessly improve the visual appeal of their photos in various ways. It allows for adjustments to the photo’s angle, automatic background matching, object removal, and even resizing of people or objects.

For instance, Samsung demonstrated the feature using a photo of a cat standing on its back legs and reaching up to the camera. With Generative Edit, the cat was isolated from the image, resized to appear closer to the camera, and the background rug was removed. The result is a photo that draws the viewer’s focus squarely on the adorable cat, showcasing the potential of AI-driven photo editing.

Circle to Search: Instantly identify and discover

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 lineup introduces the Circle to Search feature, a user-friendly tool that simplifies visual searches. If there’s an object or element in an image that piques your curiosity, you can simply circle it using the feature, and Galaxy AI takes care of the rest.

This functionality can be invaluable for identifying landmarks, plants, or objects captured in photos. Additionally, if the searched item is available for purchase, the feature provides a convenient link to relevant search results. Circle to Search streamlines the process of discovering more about the world around you, all through the lens of your smartphone camera.

Chat assist: Breaking down language barriers in text

In addition to Live Translate, the Galaxy S24 series offers another language-related feature – Chat Assist. This tool enables real-time translations for text-based communication, making it easier to navigate language barriers while messaging.

By selecting “Chat translation” through the Samsung keyboard, users can type their message, which is then automatically translated into the chosen language. Chat Assist goes beyond translation; it can correct spelling and grammar, and even suggest alternative ways to phrase messages through the “Writing style” option. This feature ensures that language doesn’t become a barrier in your digital conversations.

Note assist: Streamlining note-taking and organization

For those who rely on their smartphones for note-taking and organization, the Galaxy S24 series introduces Note Assist, a feature designed to simplify the process. With Note Assist, users no longer need to manually organize their notes.

Whether it’s a lengthy paragraph, specific sections, or highlighted portions, Note Assist can generate AI-driven summary points or format the content into easily digestible sections. This functionality is not limited to academic applications; it can be a valuable tool for analyzing journal entries, organizing lists, or even correcting spelling and translating notes.

Incorporating AI into everyday life

These five Galaxy AI features showcased in the Samsung S24 series demonstrate the company’s commitment to integrating AI into everyday life, making tasks more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable. Whether it’s breaking down language barriers in real-time conversations, enhancing photo editing capabilities, simplifying visual searches, or streamlining text-based communication and note-taking, these AI features hold significant potential.

With these cutting-edge AI features, the Galaxy S24 series opens up new possibilities for users, making everyday tasks more convenient and enjoyable. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a photography enthusiast, or someone who relies on efficient communication and organization, the Samsung S24 series offers compelling reasons to consider an upgrade.

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