5 Best AI Crypto Coins To Buy As FET, AGIX, OCEAN Merge To ASI Token

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Cryptocurrency prices have been soaring, thanks to the recent surge led by Bitcoin, which was followed by memecoins and some other leading altcoins. The latest to join this wave of bullishness are AI cryptocurrencies, especially since the announcement that the merger to unify AGIX, Ocean Protocol, and Fetch.ai will commence on June 11, birthing a brand-new ASI token.

While the prices for altcoins have clearly been spiking, investors speculate on explosive growth within AI cryptocurrencies in the upcoming couple of days. Amidst this increasing interest, some established AI cryptos have been enjoying heightened investor attention.

Therefore, in this article, we will look at the top 5 AI cryptos to buy right now.  

Top 5 AI Cryptos To Buy Now – Quick List

Below is a list of some of the best AI tokens with massive potential for market success: 

  1. WienerAI – Leading meme coin offering an AI-powered trading bot
  2. AGIX – Online AI algorithm market
  3. Fetch.ai – Popular cutting-edge protocol, merging the powers of AI and blockchain to revolutionize the digital space
  4. Near Protocol – AI-based development platform that redefines cloud computing 
  5. Ocean Protocol – Open-source protocol that leverages the capabilities of AI to unlock and monetize data

How FET, Ocean Protocol, & AGIX Merger Is Driving The Buzz In The AI Crypto Niche

With the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI) token merger involving top AI tokens like SingularityNET (AGIX), Fetch.ai (FET), and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) around the corner, artificial intelligence cryptocurrencies are already incurring massive inflow. Shortly after SingularityNET announced June 11 as the official date for the merger, top tokens in the market segment are already exploding massively. 

The merger is an attempt to form a synergy between SingularityNET (AGIX), Fetch.ai (FET), and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) and unify the tokens under one decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) network. That said, the ASI unification aims to establish the biggest open-sourced decentralized network in the artificial intelligence sector, bringing together more than 200,000 holders of the three AI cryptocurrencies. 

Uniting such an enormous community will push the ASI token to become a force to reckon with and increase the attention on the AI cryptocurrency market segment. In addition to the merger, the AI sector is gearing up for another massive influx of investors as a result of the growing adoption and attention on the artificial intelligence solutions. 

The NVIDIA GTC 2024 that took place in March saw a heavy emphasis on integration of AI across various areas of the digital economy. Popular names in the tech space like Brad Lightcap (COO, OpenAI), Dr. Priscilla Chan (co-founder and co-CEO, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative), and Joelle Pineau (VP-AI Research, Meta) all discussed the growth of the AI sector and its potential.

More so, the extensive discussion about integrating artificial intelligence with initiatives like AR, VR, robotics, networking, simulation, cybersecurity, etc., have convinced investors to diversify their portfolios with AI cryptos. Despite accepting the impossibility of directly integrating artificial intelligence into blockchain, investors are still convinced that AI cryptos are the next big thing as a result of the increased attention on the technology. 

5 AI Cryptos To Buy Now – Full Review 

In this segment of our review, we will take a deep dive into each of the AI-based cryptos that have made it to the quick list. 

WienerAI (WAI) – Leading Meme Coin Offering An AI-powered Trading Bot

WienerAI has emerged as one of the most talked-about AI cryptos in the market. What sets the project apart is its seamless combination of AI and meme fundamentals. According to its whitepaper, WienerAI is offering the “world’s most powerful AI-powered trading bot” that will give users an edge over others in the volatile market. 

The bot comes with a predictive technology that can accurately analyze the market for traders to quickly spot high-potential opportunities. From real-time market insights to trading suggestions and token swap, WienerAI’s trading bot is a must-have tool for those who want to streamline their trading endeavors. 

Adding a feather to WienerAI’s cap is its appealing dog-themed lore that mirrors the future of AI by telling the tale of a popular scientist in the Silicon Valley who ran an experiment on his loyal puppy with the intention to come up with the best AI on the market. A sausage was mistakenly added to the mix but that birthed the creation of an AI that’s most quirky and powerful.

WienerAI kicked off its presale with a bang and has already gathered over $4.5 million from investors. Considering its trading bot utility, famous crypto analyst Jacob Bury says WienerAI will yield huge gains when it lands on exchanges. 

For those interested in the token, visit its website right now to join its presale. After buying WAI, you can also stake your tokens to earn more rewards. 

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SingularityNET (AGIX) – Online AI Algorithm Market

AGIX is one of the best AI tokens to buy ahead of the ASI merger due to its potential to soar massively. Don’t forget that the cryptocurrency is part of the group of AI tokens forming the synergy. 

While AGIX will be converted at a ratio of 1:0.433350 during the merger, the cryptocurrency still stands a good chance of offering short and long-term gains for investors before the synergy manifests. Despite plummeting by 5.13% in the past 24 hours, AGIX is tipped to bounce back and recoup its losses before and after the merger. 

The speculation is due to the hype around the merger and the increased attention on AI cryptocurrencies. Without a doubt, the cryptocurrency market at large is enjoying a massive influx of investment as a result of the growing confidence of institutional investors and regulators in virtual assets. 

Amid the massive exodus of investors into the sector, the artificial intelligence crypto sphere is one of the top segments of the virtual assets market that has gained huge attention. Hence, AGIX stands as a considerable investment option. 

Fetch.ai (FET) – Popular Cutting-edge Protocol, Merging The Powers Of AI & Blockchain To Revolutionize The Digital Spacd

Founded in 2017, Fetch.AI is an AI lab revolutionizing decentralized machine learning networks with a crypto economy. Its platform democratizes AI access through a permissionless network, enabling users to connect and access secure datasets via autonomous AI. 

Fetch.AI’s applications span diverse sectors like DeFi trading, transportation networks, smart energy grids, and travel, leveraging its global dataset network. 

In the past 12 months, its token has surged over 808%, soaring from less than a cent to over $2. With a market cap exceeding $1.8 billion, Fetch.AI emerges as a compelling choice for investors eyeing AI cryptos. Its rapid ascent underscores growing interest in decentralized AI and its potential to transform various digital systems.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) – AI-based Development Platform That Redefines Cloud Computing 

NEAR Protocol, a layer-one blockchain, redefines cloud computing with improved transaction speeds, throughput, and interoperability, addressing key limitations of other blockchain.

Its developer-friendly ecosystem fosters DApp innovation, featuring human-readable account names for enhanced usability. NEAR introduces innovative scaling solutions and employs its consensus mechanism, “Doomslug,” ensuring robust performance.

Developed by the NEAR Collective, a community-driven initiative continually updating the codebase, NEAR Protocol aims to provide a secure platform for managing high-value assets and identities while remaining user-friendly.

In the past 24 hours, the project has surged by up to 4%, buoyed by strong speculation surrounding its potential feature in upcoming conferences. Near Protocol’s appeal extends beyond the blockchain community, potentially elevating its profile in the broader tech space and driving prices higher. 

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) – Open-source Protocol That Leverages The Capabilities Of AI To Unlock & Monetize Data

Ocean Protocol has garnered significant attention in the crypto space, with its OCEAN token experiencing a surge of over 157% in the past twelve months. This spike in interest and value is partly due to the recent developments around the project and investors’ growing appetite for AI coins. 

Ocean Protocol stands out by employing blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and advanced cryptographic methods to enable secure and privacy-focused data sharing. It aims to empower data owners with control over their data, ensuring privacy and facilitating the commercialization of data through marketplaces and other means.

Founded with the vision of pioneering a new Data Economy at the nexus of blockchain, data, and AI, Ocean Protocol is dedicated to developing the necessary tools and services to make this vision a reality. By providing a framework for data owners to securely share their data while retaining control and privacy, Ocean Protocol is setting the stage for a transformative approach to data usage and monetization, potentially revolutionizing how data is handled across various sectors.

Bottom Line

The rise in popularity for AI tokens has caused a shortage of investors interested in memecoins. Despite being the most invested category for the past couple of months, the memecoin space now seems to have slowed down as investors are interested in parking funds into some top altcoins and AI projects. 

This, however, is not the case for projects that feature AI-based utility along with their status as a memecoin. This is where projects like WienerAI come in as ideal investment options.

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