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4 key partnerships driving the success of Forward Protocol in the EdTech space

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Strategic partnerships are a vital cog in the success of any startup. More so in the blockchain space – which is still in the early days of adoption – partnering with the best startups in the world guarantees seamless launch and scaling of new startups. Well, the Forward Protocol founders know just that. After all, their strategic partnership – Mr. KEY is the owner of KEY Difference Media, a top 3 blockchain marketing agency, while Mitch is an international business guru – provided the perfect mix for the rise of Forward Protocol as the trailblazer in the EdTech space. 

The do-it-alone approach will only take you so far in the fast-paced blockchain space. Like any new startup, the success or failure of Forward Protocol will depend on the success of its business network. That said, the protocol is already scaling fast, as evidenced by the recent announcement that they raised $1.25 million in funding and an Initial Blockchain Offering soon to be launched.

So which are these key partnerships helping the protocol surge to the top?

The Polygon technology partnership

The alliance with Polygon was a gamechanger in the growth of both projects. With Forward Protocol being a first-of-its-kind learning ecosystem in the DeEd space and Polygon looking to create a multi-chain system of EVM compatible blockchains, this was union made in heaven.

The Reef Finance collaboration

Early on, the partnership with Reef was key to helping the protocol go mainstream. Reef Finance gave Forward Protocol exposure to a global audience and interoperability with other blockchains – a vital feature for the self-proclaimed WordPress of the Blockchain. Besides, the Reef Chain provided the perfect infrastructure for the Forward Protocol’s smart contracts architecture.

Forward Protocol joins the Bancor Network

The Bancor Network is a decentralized trading protocol making it an ideal platform for incentivizing the Forward Token (FORWARD) liquidity. The partnership with Bancor allowed the Foward Token to go live, which was vital for implementing the protocol as a learning ecosystem.

The UniLend partnership

UniLend’s unparalleled potential in providing access to DeFi functionalities made for the perfect partnership with Forward Protocol. More so, as the protocol looks to integrate its core smart contracts in the EdTech sector. The partnership will see Forward Protocol and UniLend unleash the lending and borrowing functionality to the protocol’s ever-growing community.

These are some major partnerships helping grow the Forward Protocol ecosystem as the protocol continues to thrive in EdTech Space. 

Even better, the protocol has recently announced that it will launch its IBO soon. You can stay tuned for the latest developments by following social media pages:

Jasmine Georgia

Jasmine Georgia

Jasmine used her B English Lit skills to add zest and interest to her coverage of current crypto events. She feels empowered by Cryptopolitan team writing. She has also contributed blogs to the English Forward site.

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