4 High-risk, High-reward Cryptos to Buy for Potential 10x Gains

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With the crypto market in the midst of a bull run, many investors are willing to take on more risk in the search for outsized gains. One of the best places to find high-risk, high-reward tokens is in the ICO market, where new tokens can launch with explosive force and deliver gains of 10x or more within the span of a few days.

To help you find the best opportunities, we’ve identified 4 new presale tokens that could be setting up for major gains after launch. Let’s take a closer look.


PlayDoge is a just-launched ICO token that raised more than $320,000 in the first 24 hours of its presale. That’s a strong surge of momentum for a new token and indicates that PlayDoge could deliver big gains after it lists on exchanges.

PlayDoge is a doge-themed meme coin and play-to-earn game that rewards players for taking care of a companion pet. It’s based on the popular 90s-era game Tamagotchi (although not affiliated), which sold more than 82 million units in its heyday.

PlayDoge brings Tamagotchi’s gameplay into the modern era with native mobile apps, improved 8-bit graphics, and touchscreen controls. It also introduces the $PLAY token, which players can earn for caring for their doge pet and use to buy in-game upgrades.

The $PLAY token is on presale now at $0.005, an 8% discount from the planned list price. On top of that, presale investors can stake their $PLAY to earn 999% APY, an extremely high rewards rate.

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Dogeverse is a multi-chain meme coin launching simultaneously on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Base, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain. It promises investors the ability to seamlessly transfer assets between all of these major networks with low gas fees, representing a huge leap forward in interoperability among blockchains.

Investors are clearly excited about the potential of the $DOGEVERSE token for DeFi, gaming, trading, and more. The Dogeverse presale sold more than $15 million worth of $DOGEVERSE in just a few weeks, and is closing in on reaching its hard cap of $17 million.

Now the project is readying to list on exchanges across all 6 networks. The launch is just 4 days away, so investors have to hurry to buy $DOGEVERSE before trading begins. Investors who do get in before the end of the presale can stake their tokens to earn 45% APY.

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Sealana is a Solana meme coin with the potential to challenge tokens like $WIF and $MEOW for dominance on this red-hot network. It has attracted more than $3 million in investment just a few weeks into its presale, a sign that its $SEAL token could rocket higher after launch.

Sealana features an overweight seal as its mascot, poking fun at crypto traders with the backstory that the seal’s weight gain is because he’s spent too much time fishing for meme coins in the ‘Sealana Sea.’ The mascot is perfectly poised to go viral, and the team behind Sealana has done an outstanding job engaging its community on X and Telegram.

The Sealana presale is unique in that it has no price increases and no stated cap. So, $SEAL could launch at any time without warning, taking advantage of excitement around Solana meme coins or a boom in crypto prices. Investors who want to get $SEAL before it lists can buy it today using $SOL, $ETH, or $USDT.

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WienerAI is another exciting meme coin that just launched its presale. It’s already raised more than $3.4 million in sales of its $WAI token, pointing to an extremely bright future for this project. WienerAI features a wiener dog as its mascot and calls its followers the ‘Sausage Army’—a moniker that’s perfectly calibrated for virality. 

This project is also more than just a meme coin in that it’s working to build an AI-powered crypto trading bot. Once launched, the bot will help traders find an edge in the crypto market and earn returns beyond those from the $WAI token itself. WienerAI will also include a fee-free swap and protection from MEV bots, increasing traders’ win rates even further.

During the presale, investors can buy and stake $WAI to earn 305% APY rewards. Investors can buy $WAI with $ETH, $USDT, or $BNB.

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