How 3 Chatham High Students Empower All Ages with Practical AI Tools in Daily Life

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  • Chatham High students democratize AI, bridging the generational gap with practical applications.
  • CS Base promotes digital literacy and global AI education for all ages.
  • AI integration in daily life is made accessible through CS Base’s efforts.

Chatham High students Ishir Rao, Manaai Qureshi, and Shashwat Chakraborty are on a mission to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and make AI tools accessible to people of all age groups. Through their student-run nonprofit organization, CS Base, they have taken significant strides in bridging the generational gap and promoting digital literacy by showcasing the practical applications of AI technologies like ChatGPT and Tome AI. 

Demystifying AI for all age groups

AI has often been perceived as complex and reserved for experts. CS Base aims to change this perception by making AI understandable and approachable for people of all ages. During their recent event, “Introduction of AI Tools,” CS Base focused on demystifying AI technologies and demonstrating their real-world applications.

The event drew a diverse audience of 75 attendees, including young and older community members. The students showcased how AI solutions like ChatGPT, an advanced language model, can engage in dynamic conversations. Participants were introduced to Tome AI, a tool that enables users to create presentations in seconds. These demonstrations illustrated the seamless integration of AI in daily tasks, emphasizing its potential to streamline communication, organize routines, and efficiently extract valuable information.

Promoting digital literacy

One of the key goals of CS Base is to promote digital literacy and ensure that no one feels left behind in the ever-evolving technological landscape. The organization encourages active participation and exploration of AI technologies across all age groups by breaking down apprehensions and misconceptions about AI.

The success of the “Introduction of AI Tools” event underscored the importance of fostering a tech-inclusive community. Attendees left the session excited and inspired, eager to embrace AI in their daily lives. The event was just the beginning of CS Base’s efforts to promote digital literacy. The organization plans to host future workshops and events to continue empowering individuals to harness the potential of AI.

CS base’s global ecosystem

CS Base is not confined to its local community; it has created a remarkable global ecosystem that fosters computer science education worldwide. The organization’s reach extends beyond Chatham, with over 500 students and more than 300 volunteers, many of whom are students from Chatham High School. This network of passionate individuals allows CS Base to make a significant impact on a global scale.

Through their initiatives, CS Base strives to make AI education accessible to students worldwide. The organization contributes to a more AI-literate and tech-savvy global community by nurturing a new generation of computer science enthusiasts.

The road ahead for CS base

With the successful “Introduction of AI Tools” event behind them, CS Base is committed to expanding its efforts. The organization envisions a future where AI is embraced as a valuable tool that enriches everyday life. By empowering adults with the knowledge and skills to integrate AI into their routines, CS Base aims to create a tech-enabled society where everyone can thrive.

As CS Base continues to advocate for digital literacy and accessible AI education, they invite support from individuals and organizations alike. Their mission aligns with the larger goal of equipping people with the tools they need to navigate the digital age confidently.

Through CS Base, Chatham High computer science students are making remarkable strides in demystifying AI and making it accessible to people of all ages. The “Introduction of AI Tools” event showcased the practical applications of AI in daily life, leaving attendees eager to explore its potential further.

CS Base empowers individuals worldwide in the rapidly evolving technological landscape by promoting digital literacy and fostering a tech-inclusive community. With its global ecosystem and dedication to AI education, CS Base is at the forefront of shaping a more AI-literate future for all. Embracing AI integration in daily life is no longer limited to the younger generation; CS Base ensures that AI is within reach for everyone, irrespective of age, background, or location.

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