South Korean NPS’s $20M bet on Coinbase pays off with 40% profit in Q3

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  • South Korea’s National Pension Service invested nearly $20 million in Coinbase shares in Q3 2023, earning a 40% profit.
  • This marks the first time the pension fund included a digital assets company in its U.S. stock portfolio.
  • The move faced criticism in South Korea’s National Assembly due to concerns about the risk and cash flow associated with cryptocurrencies.

South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS) has made a significant move by investing nearly $20 million in Coinbase (COIN) shares during the third quarter of this year. This decision, detailed in the NPS’ latest stock holding report submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), marks a historic shift in the pension fund’s investment strategy.

Strategic investment in Coinbase

In the third quarter of 2023, South Korea’s National Pension Service acquired 282,673 Coinbase shares at an average price of $70.5 per share, resulting in a total investment of $19.92 million or approximately 26 billion Korean won (₩). These shares are currently valued at around $27.74 million, based on Coinbase’s most recent closing price. 

This investment has allowed the pension fund to secure a 40% profit for the quarter. Coinbase shares demonstrated a 4% increase during the third quarter and a remarkable 177% surge over the course of the year.

This move by the National Pension Service is particularly noteworthy as it marks the first time the fund has included a digital assets company in its U.S. stock portfolio. While the investment has garnered attention and positive returns, it has also drawn criticism from some quarters within the South Korean National Assembly.

Criticism and controversy

The National Assembly has expressed concerns about the pension fund’s exposure to businesses related to virtual assets, particularly cryptocurrencies. A key point of contention revolves around the belief that digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, do not generate cash flow in the same way as traditional investments. 

Critics argue that the primary means of generating returns from digital assets is through selling them to subsequent investors willing to pay a higher price.

The NPS’ decision to invest in Coinbase reflects a broader trend among institutional investors seeking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency market’s growth and potential for high returns. However, this move also underscores the challenges faced by pension funds and other institutional investors in balancing the pursuit of attractive returns with managing the inherent risks associated with the volatile cryptocurrency space.

Industry dynamics and market performance

Coinbase, as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally, has benefitted from the surging interest in digital assets. The company’s performance has been closely tied to the overall cryptocurrency market, which has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. While this growth presents significant opportunities for investors, it also carries the risk of substantial price volatility and regulatory uncertainties.

The National Pension Service’s foray into the digital assets sector represents a diversification strategy within its investment portfolio. Diversification aims to spread risk by investing in a range of asset classes, and in this case, the inclusion of Coinbase shares provides exposure to the cryptocurrency market, which has evolved into a substantial and dynamic asset class in its own right.

Future implications

The NPS’ investment in Coinbase may have broader implications for institutional investors worldwide. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain legitimacy and become increasingly integrated into the global financial system, more pension funds and institutional investors may explore opportunities in the digital assets space. However, it is essential for such investors to carefully assess the associated risks and regulatory considerations.

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