Bitcoin price is predicted to surge 6300% by 2045, according to Santostasi’s power-law model


  • Bitcoin’s price might soar to $10 million per BTC by 2045, according to Santostasi’s model.
  • Santostasi’s model suggests Bitcoin’s price can fluctuate but follows a predictable trend.
  • Critics caution that models may not foresee unexpected events affecting Bitcoin’s price.

Former physics professor Giovanni Santostasi has put forward a compelling prediction for the future of Bitcoin, suggesting a remarkable increase in its value over the next 15 years. Santostasi’s power law model proposes a staggering surge of 6300%, envisioning individual BTC prices soaring to $10 million by 2045.

Santostasi’s understanding of the power law model

The power law model, rooted in mathematical principles, establishes a proportional relationship where one value is tied to a fixed power of another value. Santostasi’s model initially introduced on the r/Bitcoin subreddit in 2018, gained renewed attention in January after finance YouTuber Andrei Jeikh shared it with his substantial subscriber base of 2.3 million.

Santostasi contrasts his power law model with the stock-to-flow model, which has faced criticism. Unlike the exponential growth assumed by stock-to-flow, Santostasi’s model operates logarithmically. This distinction implies that Bitcoin’s price doesn’t need to rise constantly over time, allowing for significant fluctuations while still adhering to the model.

A predictable pattern over time

In a recent discussion with mathematician and Bitcoin investor Fred Krueger, Santostasi emphasized the model’s ability to offer a clear and understandable perspective on Bitcoin’s price action over extended periods. Krueger supplemented Santostasi’s assertions with additional mathematical modeling, forecasting Bitcoin to reach $100,000 within the next two years.

Challenging the mainstream narrative

Critics argue that while mathematical models offer insights, they remain susceptible to substantial errors and fail to account for unforeseen events that could significantly impact prices. Santostasi and Krueger’s confidence in the power law model prompts a reconsideration of traditional short-term price charts, which often present a convoluted view of Bitcoin’s price action.

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