Approximately 17 percent of ETH addresses control over 80 percent of NFTs


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  • Around 17% of Ethereum accounts control more than 80% of all NFTs on Ethereum.
  • Moonstream’s data collection is focused on ERC 721 tokens and therefore no longer contains details from Layer 2 systems like Polygon

According to a survey issued by Moonstream, an open-source blockchain analysis company, around 17% of accounts control more than 80% of all NFTs on Ethereum. The study looked at almost 7 million NFT operations on the Ethereum network between April 1 and September 25, 2021, and the results were released on October 21. NFT sites like OpenSea and NFT trades possess 80.98 percent of NFTs on Ethereum, accounting for 16.71 percent of all addresses.

Majority NFTs holders

The remaining 83.29 percent of NFT homeowners, on the other hand, were only willing to buy a much lesser quantity of tokens. Moonstream, on the other hand, stated that the study of this report will necessitate a few more details; since the majority of the owners are trading sites and clearinghouses like Nifty Gateway and other comparable platforms.

The data look to closely resemble the Pareto Principle, or 80/20 ratio, which is a common problem in various markets and industries. The essential point is that, according to the notion, 80% of consequences are caused by 20% of the factors. In reaction to the release, Reddit user “xddemonesque” said that by using the Pareto Principle, the marketplace is a promoter of invention and innovation.

Moonstream’s data collection is focused on ERC 721 tokens and therefore no longer contains details from Layer 2 systems like Polygon or Controlled Software Programming Interfaces (APIs). After scanning those 1,145,767 blocks, there is a switch task for 7,020,950 tokens from 9,292 NFT contractual arrangements over 727,102 accounts, according to the file. The dataset’s vital components are dictated by the mints and transfers, as per the file.

Small holder participants

While Moonstream emphasized the disparities of NFTs ownership on Ethereum, the company also asserted that the NFT industry is still accessible enough for small purchasers to participate, pointing to the fact that the overwhelming majority of NFT bearers are first-time buyers who were able to purchase their assets with minimal effort. 

From their report, because the Ethereum NFTs marketplace is so open, practically all of its contributors are new to the trading business and are more inclined to trade actively. For the vast majority of those interested in working for the company, there are few constraints.

Although this is not a good sign in the blockchain technology market, it is important to consider that the concept is still in its infant stages. In due time the platform will be controlled better!

Beatrice Mastropietro

Beatrice Mastropietro

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