12-hour Crypto Roundup: Bitcoin dips below 60k, GENE and SSR rise steadily


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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bitcoin suffers another blow, and prices dip from $60.5k to $59.4k.
  • Ethereum prices, clutching hard onto their second spot, clinches from $4.3k to $4.2k.
  • GENE, SSR, and Ethereum meta fight for the top spot for highest gainers.

Ever since cryptocurrency came about, every day in the crypto world has been either fruitful or fruitless. Different currencies on the market lose and gain value by the minute as people decide where their money is well-spent.

The market is bustling with different tokens for you to choose from, but it is essential to know the rates at which your coins gain and lose value. This instability can lead you to profit or loss, depending on where you invest your money, so keeping track of price changes is crucial as you progress through the crypto world.

Some coins have reputable backgrounds where you would instead safely invest your money. Still, with the emergence of new currencies that steadily rise on the market, you might get confused, so values are always essential to note.

Bitcoin and ETH, undefeated but struggling

Bitcoin has seen some all-time lows; it has gone down to as low as $59k within twenty-four hours but is slowly making its way back up. As of now, it retains a price of $59.2k, which is considerably less than it was a few hours ago, but after a recent value deterioration throughout today, it is slowly regaining its strength. Its twenty-four-hour markup is at an unsurpassed low at $34.7 billion.

As for Ethereum has struggled back down from $4.3k to $4.1k, still attempting to go strong but having a difficult time moving up the charts. Within twenty-four hours, it has seen as low as $4k but is maintaining its position with about $17 billion markups within the last twenty-four hours. 

Altcoins, suffering but still keeping up

Altcoins have not suffered as significant losses as Bitcoin and ETH but still have difficulty maintaining their value on the market, exceeding the third spot on the charts. Binance coin has not suffered too many losses, still in third place at $567.17.

Following BNB, Tether has risen to the fourth spot at $1 but has a whopping $79.1 billion trading volume. It is followed by Solana and Cardano at $207.59 and $1.83, respectively.

Gainers steadily making their way up the chain

From the top gainers, we can see that Genopets have progressed up the hierarchy by 30212%, leading the top spot of gainers and making itself prominent as ever in the crypto world at $14.13. 

Following Genopets is Star Ship Royale, which has maintained a decent 2nd spot for the top gainers by 1463.14% and is still going strong at $2.59.

What to anticipate?

The world of cryptocurrency is unforgiving, but it can also bear you much fruit for the future. From trading to political issues, many factors play a role in the steadily increasing and decreasing of cryptocurrency. What are the forces in play in the ending scenario? Above the din, Senator Cynthia Lummis sounds off:

Cynthia Lummis, Wyoming’s incoming U.S. senator, said in an interview Tuesday the key items on her agenda include working to reduce government debt and explaining bitcoin (BTC) to her colleagues when she is sworn in early next year. A little bit too late, don’t you think?

Although we can forecast what our investments may look like in the next few years, the crypto world gives us unexpected, sometimes unpleasant, surprises. Sometimes the values can scare us; other times, we can find ourselves whooping with joy when we find out how the value of our cryptocurrency has increased significantly.

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