12-hour Crypto Roundup: Bitcoin crosses $60.5K, MBOX, and MATIC among top performers this morning


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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Bitcoin is recovering but still lacks the momentum to record major gains.
  • Ethereum surpasses $4,300, as several altcoins slightly recover in a green market.
  • Top gainers include MBOX, CTSI, and MATIC whereas GALA lingers around new ATH.

Several coins record major highs or significant losses quickly, but Bitcoin still maintains the lead by a wide margin. As much as the volatility of crypto helps investors gain hefty profits, it also puts them at significant risk of loss. The market is a mix of thousands of tokens, including reliable projects, meme coins, in-game tokens, etc.

All these coins experience different phases of a bull or a bearish run. Also, volatility can influence them at any given time. We have seen coins crashing or booming within hours of trading activity. However, few renowned and credible names, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, carry a reputation in the market. It makes them the most sought-after digital assets in the sector.

Bitcoin and ETH still on top, regaining composure

In the past few hours, Bitcoin has seemed to recover from the prevalent correction phase of the last two days. This phase saw Bitcoin dropping to the $58K range. However, the leading cryptocurrency now stands at over $60,500. Even though Bitcoin has not yet wholly recovered, surpassing $60K is a healthy sign for its growth. The 24h trading volume of Bitcoin sits at around $38.88 billion, with its market dominance being 43.1%. This slight increase in Bitcoin’s value might indicate the end of the market’s correction phase.

Ethereum has also staged some recovery after falling severely from its all-time high records. The second-largest cryptocurrency token has gone up by over 4.40%, breaching the $4,300 mark. After dropping to a low of almost $4,000, this is a healthy sign for recovering the leading altcoin. Ethereum’s trading volume sits at $21 billion, with its market cap crossing $500 billion. Ethereum had strong support at the $4K mark, and it was expected of the coin to go up from there.

Altcoins recover to dispel the market correction

Several altcoins have followed the path of Bitcoin and Ethereum to structure a slight recovery in terms of their valuation. There has been no such major breakout, but every coin has gone slightly up over the last 12 hours or so. The Binance Coin is at $586 after an almost 2% increase, whereas Solana and Cardano have also gone up, reaching $220.90 and $1.91, respectively.

In addition to this, XRP and DOT have gone up to regain some of their lost value. XRP has touched $1.14 after a 6.20% increase. DOT has experienced a significant upsurge of almost 9% to cross the mark of $43. Previously, DOT was at its ATH over the $50 mark, but it consolidated in the correction. Its current upsurge might indicate another bull run for the coin. Even meme currencies, DOGE, and SHIB, have slightly upscaled to minimize last week’s loss.

As much as the crypto market has shown glimpses of a steady increase in value, a few tokens stood out to outperform every other competitor. GALA has been on a high for the past few days, recently crossed its ATH, and touched the $0.27 mark. On the other hand, AVAX has also carried on with its dream run, and it has upsurged by another 17.05% to cross $109. AVAX has not only crossed the triple-digit figure but has continued to make new records, even in an unstable market. It has gone up by around 30% since last week.

New gainers include MATIC, MBOX, and CTSI

After falling to a low of $1.50, MATIC has experienced a surge of about 9%. It has crossed the $1.66 mark and is looking healthy to make more gains in the coming days. With a sharp price increase, MBOX also touched $5.59 in the market. Since then, the coin has consolidated a little, but it is still way ahead of its previous low. The coin has the potential to go further up if the bulls stay strong.

Plus, Cartesi (CTS) has also started the day with a healthy uptrend. Previously, it touched $1.73 but then it fell to a low of about $0.94. However, it has staged a recovery by going up to $1.10. It can be a healthy sign for the token, as a new bull run can help the coin close its gap with its ATH. Nonetheless, the market cap and the trading volume of all these gainers have increased significantly. They can further improve their position as the whole market looks to recover and eventually go bullish.

What’s on the horizon?

What about a society where current economic and financial elites would give rise to a lawless, violent society wherein chaos will wipe out all previously accepted standards? We can view an alternative being offered as more acceptable suggested by libertarians. Interventionism could not end up very well as it prevents the proper functioning of the market. Still, as an alternative standard of global money within access for all, Bitcoin could restore monetary stability due to the “fixed and transparent” production of money.

At what point in time is Bitcoin capable of rapid and irreversible adoption – hyperbitcoinization – as the primary global monetary reserve? Please tell us in your comments below.

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