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10 Questions to Ask Your Freelancers Before You Hire Them


Every freelancer needs to pass through a vetting process.

Every competent hiring manager knows how crucial it is to interview potential workers to sieve the best from the rest and find the perfect fit for the job.

With the rise of remote employment, the pool of candidates today is not what it used to be. More than a third of European workers are now freelancers and remote workers and many companies are tweaking their hiring policies in response to this change.

Just because freelancers aren’t your traditional job applicants doesn’t mean you don’t have to check them out comprehensively. In fact, freelancers may be more important to the interviewer than other candidates, and the questions you ask should be broader.

Are you ready to hire freelance workers but don’t know where to start? Here are 10 free interview questions you can use.

1. Why Are You a Freelancer?

Whatever job you’re trying to fill, it’s important to understand why each candidate is attracted to it. Since 61% of self-employed people would rather work for themselves instead, you will definitely hear different answers to this question to accurately represent the divergent views of most freelancers. 

According to a 2018 study by Freelancer Union and Upwork, the top reasons why most freelancers choose a career path are to be their personal boss, flexible schedules, and the ability to work anywhere. The development of blockchain technology and the ability to work in the crypto industry gives great advantages for crypto work. For example, the LaborX service for hiring freelancers and also where you can find a large number of jobs in cryptocurrency. These and many factors often play a major role when choosing a freelance job. The key is to look for passion and zeal in their responses. If they chose freelancing to be able to work on their own projects, what kind of projects would they like to work on now? If they wanted to be able to work anywhere, where would they choose to work from now?

Magnifying people’s motivations can give you an idea of ​​whether they are right for your business and your role, and you can find new ways that can make them become a vital asset to your business.

2. What Experience Do You Have?

Experience is very important when you have to meet a deadline and are looking for an expert freelancer to complete the job on time. An important question to ask before hiring them is their work experience.

How long they have worked in the industry and on similar projects is a relevant question. If they have the skill set and experience to get the job done, it will save you a lot of time. In some cases, a freelancer is new and inexperienced, but has the necessary skill sets beyond the knowledge of others.

3. Will You Be Able to Meet Deadlines?

A freelance worker can have all the work commitments he can handle and those he wouldn’t meet up with. Since your chances of being the sole employer of a freelancer are slim, it is best to ask in advance.

Whether he will be able to meet the deadline is an acceptable question to ask freelancers before hiring. In most cases, experienced freelance workers are already booked for specific projects and may not have the time to deal with them on time. Make sure you are resolute in your demands and ask him directly if he can do the job assigned to him.

4. May I See Samples of Your Work?

Freelancers who know their onions should be able to give you past samples of what they have done for previous clients and employers. Their portfolio shows you the style and quality of work to expect, so be sure to ask them to take a look.

However, some new freelancers may just be starting and will have no previous samples, so a little, paid test-job will not be such a bad idea.

5. Do You Have the Capacity to Start This Project Right Away?

Often, new or inexperienced freelancers do all the work they can get just because they want to get paid. Unfortunately, freelancers who do this often overdo themselves and accumulate more work than they could complete in a reasonable amount of time.

Ask the freelancer you are interviewing for if they can start your project right away. If necessary, present your questions in different ways during the interview and assess how they are answered.

6. How Do You Charge Your Clients?

One of the most important things to look for when hiring a freelancer is the cost at which they charge their clients. A freelancer’s value cannot be measured correctly until he has given his professional rates. Employees in some offices work per hour or on a fixed package that comes after the job is completed. In some cases, most freelancers choose an hourly system but with the provision of a bonus if he meets the deadline much before the agreed time.

7. How Will You Respond if You Didn’t Meet a Deadline?

Sooner or later, every freelancer misses a deadline. After all, they are only human, and mistakes happen. But when you hire freelancers, you want to find someone who is outspoken and proactive, not someone who will leave you wondering for months if they’re still alive.

Ask candidates how they would respond to a missed deadline and listen carefully to their response. Would they contact you before the deadline to let you know they won’t make it? Look for someone who would carry you along, every step of the way of your project.

8. How Do You Handle Unsatisfied Clients?

A freelancer’s response to this can give you an idea on how they handle their projects and help identify freelancers who don’t handle client issues well.

Again, when dealing with unsatisfied clients, look for evidence that they are passionate and service-oriented. And if they tell you they’ve never experienced an unhappy client, they’re either new to freelancing or they’re just being dishonest with you.

9. Do You Have Any Previous or Present Clients to Contact for a Referral?

Every freelancer that is competent should have at least one client who they know can rely on for good reviews. If they do not have anyone, run away!

If you reach out to the references they provide, ask them the same questions you asked the freelancer during the interview process: what they liked most about working with this freelancer, etc. Compare these answers with those of the freelancer to be sure of what type of freelancer you are going to be working with.

10. What Information Do You Need from Me for this Project?

Finally, before starting work, your freelancer may need a contract, brand assets info, more information about your company and details of all relevant requirements while they put together a quote.

Ask them upfront what they’ll need to ensure your project will be a complete success. A freelancer with sufficient information will be able to provide you with the best results.


These interview questions will help you in finding the best freelance addition for your team. The gig economy might slowly be turning fully remote but that shouldn’t be a hindrance in ensuring you hire only the best freelance workers out there in the job pool.

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