Financial Sector Hit by 1 Million Cyberattacks in 120 Days


  • Financial sector faces 1 million cyberattacks in 120 days – BlackBerry report reveals alarming surge in cyber threats.
  • AI-powered cybersecurity is crucial in defending against sophisticated cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure.
  • BlackBerry leads the charge in combating cyber threats with intelligent security solutions integrating AI and machine learning.

In a recent revelation by BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB), the global financial sector has been besieged by a staggering one million cyberattacks within a mere 120 days. The report, unveiled today, underscores a pressing issue that threatens the stability and security of critical infrastructure worldwide.

The alarming surge in cyber threats

BlackBerry’s Global Threat Intelligence Report exposes a 27% surge in novel malware, with their AI-powered cybersecurity solutions intercepting an average of 3.7 new malicious samples per minute. This uptick marks a significant escalation from previous periods, amplifying concerns about the relentless onslaught faced by financial institutions and related sectors.

Analysis reveals that 62% of these cyberattacks have targeted vital infrastructure sectors, including government, financial, healthcare, and communications. This trend underscores the heightened risk faced by essential services, posing a formidable challenge to their operations and integrity.

Commercial enterprises under siege

Moreover, commercial enterprises have not been spared from the onslaught, with 33% of all attacks directed towards industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, and professional services. The prevalence of information-stealing malware in more than half of these attacks underscores the malicious intent behind these cyber incursions.

The rise in cyber threats is attributed to notorious gangs and Malware-as-a-Service groups, capitalizing on security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Notably, ransomware gangs have rapidly weaponized new Zero Day vulnerabilities, highlighting the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures to counter evolving threats.

A critical defense mechanism

Ismael Valenzuela, Vice President of Threat Research and Intelligence at BlackBerry, emphasized the necessity of AI as a primary tool for detection and defense against sophisticated threats. He highlighted the inadequacy of traditional detection methods in combating the increasingly complex nature of cyberattacks.

BlackBerry’s team anticipates a continued surge in attacks on critical infrastructure and other lucrative sectors in 2024. They foresee VPN appliances remaining prime targets for nation-state-level threat actors and anticipate a rise in supply chain cyberattacks. Additionally, the Asia-Pacific region may witness an escalation in financially motivated attacks originating from China and North Korea.

BlackBerry’s role in cybersecurity

BlackBerry, renowned for its intelligent security software and services, stands at the forefront of combating cyber threats. By offering solutions that integrate AI and machine learning, the company addresses cybersecurity, safety, and data privacy challenges with unparalleled efficacy.

The onslaught of cyberattacks against the global financial sector and critical infrastructure represents a pressing concern that demands immediate attention. With the proliferation of sophisticated threats, traditional detection methods are proving inadequate. The adoption of AI-powered cybersecurity solutions is imperative to fortify defenses and safeguard against evolving cyber threats. As BlackBerry’s report underscores, the stakes are high, and proactive measures must be taken to mitigate the risks posed by cyber adversaries.

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