Top 3 Blockchain Marketing Agencies 2022 Review

Marketing still remains an essential service that every blockchain project needs at some point. And, you’d want to work with the best blockchain marketing agency when that time comes.

Finding the perfect agency to work with can be challenging. It goes beyond just searching on Google or social media platforms, as most agencies would always flaunt being the best in the game.

There are several things to consider when researching a blockchain marketing agency. These include their activities in the blockchain space, expertise, reputation, and team, among others.

Top blockchain marketing agencies

This story lists the top marketing agencies that can help publicize your blockchain projects with proven records. This should save you the trouble of choosing the wrong agency.

1. Key Difference Media KEY Difference Media (KDM) stands out in the blockchain marketing space because of a reputation built on content creation and optimization, extensive media and influencer networks, blockchain connections, and relationships beyond the crypto industry.

KDM opened its doors in 2007 and has experience working with traditional finance giants and Fortune 100 companies like CISCO, AJC, etc. It has raised over $550 million raised for its partners.

KDM has more than 350 members, 15+ years in the marketing industry, and 9+ years in the blockchain. By the time the ICO craze of 2017 rolled around, it already had almost half a decade of experience and connections.

2. Belkin Marketing Belkin Marketing is an international group of professional marketing experts specializing in developing customized marketing plans to help its partners and blockchain projects achieve their goals.

BM has a portfolio that spans over 15 years, with over $220 Million raised for 100+ clients. Belkin Marketing also has deep roots throughout the blockchain industry, giving them access to private data, insights, and insider knowledge.

3. AmaZix In a space where diversification (skill and portfolio) is basic knowledge, AmaZix presents an almost irrefutable case for specialization. AmaZix has assembled a team of professional community management experts with extensive industry knowledge and experience.

If a portfolio packed with record-setting fund-raising results built on the foundations of community management means anything to you, then AmaZix is the name you’re looking to see.


There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, and marketing is a reliable means. Depending on what you need, you should first identify the right agency that has the same goals as you.

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