Is a 73% LUNC Rally Coming Soon?


While speculators ponder their losses and the recovery plan after the Terra debacle, the Lunatic community has already charted the way forward for Luna through its decentralized voting platform.

Amid the crash, TerraLabs founder and CEO Do Kwon offered a Luna recovery plan to stabilize the current crypto wreckage. This comes amid talk about a Luna delisting and trade suspension from exchanges.

The old chain has been rebranded to Terra Classic, and the cryptocurrency is now called LUNC. Before the crash, Luna Classic registered an all-time high of $119.18 set on April 5, 2022, and an all-time low of 0.00001675 on May 13, 2022, after the attack.

At the moment, the price of LUNC is trading around $0.0001025, with a market capitalization of $672,923,873. The token is down over 99% from the all-time high in April 2022.

LUNC Prediction by Authority Site

#1 Wallet Investor LUNA is an excellent long-term (1-year) investment, according to Wallet Investor. The site predicts a $100 investment in the token could be worth $10,122 in the coming five years.

#2 Coincodex In the best-case scenario, LUNA’s price projection for 2025 is $ 19.04, assuming it grows at the same rate as Facebook. If Terra grows at the same rate as the Internet, the forecast for 2025 is $3.75.

#3 Digital Coin Price Terra has a chance to break over the $2.77 barrier and capture the market by the end of 2023. Market analysts and experts believe that LUNA will begin the year at $2.18 and trade at roughly $3.08 by 2024.

Cryptopolitan  Price Prediction

2022 The price of Terra in 2022 is expected to be as low as $2.08, with an average selling price of $2.15 and a maximum of $2.38. 2025 In 2025, the price of one Terra is predicted to fall to a minimum price of $6.47. It might reach a high of $7.69, with an average price of $6.65. 2030 Terra is expected to be worth a minimum of $37.75, a high of $46.20, and an average trading price of $39.09 in 2030.

Where can I buy Luna 2.0?

Once listed, you can buy Luna 2.0 on Binance, Okex, Bitfinex, and Bitrue.

Is Luna 2.0 a fork of the Luna blockchain?

No. Luna 2.0 is an independent blockchain from Luna Classic and its algorithm stablecoins. This new Terra network is completely independent of the old, faulty Terra blockchain. Luna 2.0 was provided to investors who owned LUNA or UST in the pre-and post-attack periods, essentially for nothing.

Please take these price predictions as suggestions of some market experts/analysts. Prediction with tools may not turn out perfect due to the unpredictability of certain factors such as public sentiment and market conditions.


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