Celsius legal team throws investors under the bus

– The legal team behind Celsius claims that users gave up their legal rights to their cryptocurrency. – Celsius begins financial reconstruction with approval for a bitcoin mining facility. – Lawsuits pile up against the entity as investors’ confidence wears off.

The attorneys for the failed crypto lender Celsius claimed that user money belonged to the business, not the customer. According to the bankruptcy filings, consumers in retail will shoulder the burden of Celsius’ failure. Per the lawyers, registered users from over 100 countries gave up title to their crypto deposited in Earn and Borrow accounts.

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Celsius has done an excellent job throwing its customers under the bus. All went wrong for investors at the first bankruptcy hearing for Celsius on July 18. Pat Nash, a Kirkland lawyer, explained how retail customers with Earn and Borrow accounts gave away their cryptocurrency’s title to the business per its terms of service (ToS). Consequently, the entity is free to use, sell, pledge, and rehypothecate those coins as it sees fit.

Celsius lawyer point to crypto owners' ignorance

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This slogan has been said countless times since MtGox’s collapse years ago. The warning, however, appears to have been well-timed once again. Economists predicted that the platform’s investors might be disappointed following legal action a few days ago. According to experts, Celsius is more of an unlicensed bank than a crypto-asset lender. The corporation’s ToS states that the firm is not permitted to utilize coins in Custody accounts without user consent. Still, lawyers were unsure whether this applied to existing crypto held by the firm.

“Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto”

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Celsius has three key segments in its retail operations: the Earn Program, the Borrow Program, and the Custody Program. The last one is the only part of these where deposited funds are completely under the user’s control. Unfortunately, its users will be disappointed to discover that the custody section accounts for only about 4% of all deposits on the platform. The bulk (77 percent) of all deposits were made in the Earn program, which offered a lucrative opportunity to invest in crypto at no cost.

Celsius`s three key element

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Analysts, economists, and lawyers have pointed out that Celsius is pivoting away from its original goal of being a crypto-only investment firm and rebranding to a Bitcoin mining entity. Celsius intends to sell Bitcoin generated through its subsidiary mining operation to pay off debts. The Celsius Network has made progress in its goal of financial reconstruction. Bitcoin mining is one of the key strategies in this strategy. Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky stated in a bankruptcy filing document that the firm intended to mine around 15,000 BTC by 2023.

Coinbase shifts to bitcoin mining

The firm plans to spend $3.7 million to build a new facility and another $1.5 million on importation costs for bitcoin mining rigs, and it has already received approval for this purpose. The company already has a mining operation in the US. It currently operates over 43,000 mining rigs. According to the document, by the second quarter of 2023, it intends to boost this number to 112,000.

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Celsius is using the mining operation to try to repair its relationship with clients, some of whom have made threats and hate mail against company staff. It’s also considering asset sales and third-party investment possibilities due to the initiative. The collapse of Celsius’s share value caused a sensation in the market, given that it was formerly one of the industry’s major players.. Some investors are concerned that refunds will take years to arrive. The number of lawsuits has increased dramatically, with a resident in Arkansas filing a class-action lawsuit.

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