Binance Exchange  Review: Is my Crypto Safe? 

Binance boasts of high standards of security and safety in its platform with a multi-tier and multi-clustered architecture system that delivers with two-factor authentication with best practices of cybersecurity. The trading platform offers fast and reliable trading with a wide array of options of virtual coins to trade in. Binance offers advantages such as low transaction fees, high liquidity, and other discounts if users made transactions in its native BNB cryptocurrency token. 

An Outlook on Binance for Beginner

Binance provides services such as listing, de-listing, withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, and an optional verification feature. There is a ton of information available on the platform for in-depth knowledge about all things related to trading. The trading tools available to the users provide data-driven, professional insights, and analysis for traders on the platform. Binance provides unique strategy details to assist users by making use of their proprietary data to provide precise and reliable metrics. There are also great promotions and affiliate programs to aid in earning profits.

Beginners Account sign-up

Signing up on Binance is seamless and fast! Creating an account is necessary to access the platform’s features. The Terms of Use also requires that the user would be at least 18 years of age. Violation of the terms will result in suspension or termination of the account. Create an account on the platform by signing up with your email address and choosing a password.


The exchange’s web-based trading platform provides two trading interfaces, Basic and Pro View. The Basic interface offers an easy-to-use layout for beginner traders while the Pro View interface offers a more professional layout with more functions for sophisticated traders. Both of the platforms are fairly advanced and sophisticated, with the availability of the necessary tools for efficient trading. A list of trading pairs is available on the trading page.

User Experience

The Binance platform is supported by an efficient front-end and back-end ,framework with great features that enhances the platform’s overall performance and security. There is also an effective and reliable Customer Support feature that bridges the gap between the user and website interaction. The exchange platform supports several languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French and a few others. There is a consistent visual language across different parts of the website, with changes to the visual content which adds to an easier-to-use exchange platform for cryptocurrency transactions. 

On accessing the Binance homepage, there is an easy-to-view auto-scroll feature of the latest updates and news, with news bulletins at the bottom and an announcement section under the banner slides which displays important news bulletin. The cryptocurrency exchange is available for use for web and mobile platforms with Android and iOS apps available. The Binance trading apps are the best available in the market, with an efficient user experience for overall great and improved trading experience. 


Bottom Line

Binance is one of the few popular, well regarded and trusted exchanges which has solidified its position as a growing force in the crypto exchange and finance industry.  The interface is easy-to-use and secure with a wide range of options on cryptocurrency exchanges. Recently, it has grown to be a sought out crypto exchange by investors and government entities.

As the leading global crypto exchange,  Binance offers more cryptos to trade in when compared to other cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The platform boasts of a wide range of over 600 cryptocurrency options to choose from, with new ones being added regularly.  However. it also has its downsides. hence before you start trading, do your own research (DYOR). for your DIY project.


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