YOUR Multichain Content Protocol Bringing BRC-20 Use Mainstream

YOUR Protocol – web3’s e-commerce content layer – has announced its multi-chain architecture!

Mere weeks after their successful presale, YOUR Protocol is showcasing its proprietary tech that fuels the next era of e-commerce. With their web3 content layer and streaming distribution technology, YOUR is enabling e-commerce stores with seamless content management, consumers with differentiated shopping experiences, and creators with equitable rewards for their contributions.

YOUR have taken the integration of BRC-20 to new heights, utilising BRC-20 inscriptions in their ownership mechanism to build secure and futureproof foundations for content ownership for creators and brands.

With the total market cap of BRC-20 tokens clutching at $3B at the time of release, YOUR is the next big player to utilize the burgeoning technology.

With backing from the likes of Genblock Capital, SkyVision Capital and Insquare Ventures, YOUR is setting a new standard for how consumers, e-commerce stores and creators interact in the ever-growing e-commerce landscape.

How does YOUR’s Multichain system work?

Their multichain architecture works utilizing both Bitcoin and Ethereum;

BRC-20 Redefining Ownership:

BRC-20 inscriptions provide a secure and immutable registry of content, creating an irrefutable and futureproof log of ownership. Once inscribed, creators stake their tokens to be eligible for rewards. In this sense, staking is the seal of approval that content can be used, like putting it into a decentralized CMS (actual content is stored in a decentralized storage protocol called IPFS).

The Transaction Layer: 

Being the most battle-tested network after Bitcoin, Ethereum fits the role of the content streaming railway as it provides the speed and reliability required to fulfill its role as a transaction layer, whereby all content requests are handled. 

Harnessing both Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, YOUR’s multichain architecture facilitates fast and reliable transactions respectively for stores and creators, whilst providing secure ownership of the content for creators and brands. 

Creators and brands then receive $YOUR – an ERC-20 token – as a reward for the value their content brings, ensuring that the Bitcoin is simply used for security and reinforcement of ownership. As ownership is tokenized, creators of content are free to transfer, sell or license content as they please. 

What does this mean for creators and stores?

Creators and brands have verifiable ownership over content through the BRC-20 inscriptions and are automatically rewarded in $YOUR tokens for the success of their creative. In the grand scheme of things, YOUR is providing a protocol for equitable rewards, where content is valued at how much impact it truly has on the growth of the e-commerce shop, rather than superficial numbers such as follower counts and views.

E-commerce stores can contribute to the creator’s rewards, by contributing to the rewards pool with the $YOUR token, using the transaction layer to facilitate permissionless payments – no middleman required. Contributions made by stores do not directly pay each creator but fill up the rewards pool by which the creator rewards are distributed

$YOUR Token Utility and benefits

YOUR provides a robust framework for fostering prosperity among brands, creators, and token holders. With a total supply of one billion YOUR tokens, 30% is earmarked for creator incentives, establishing a sustainable reward mechanism.

The YOUR token is intricately designed to escalate its value while equitably distributing the success of the protocol among its stakeholders, including token holders and creators, through a comprehensive rewards system, buybacks, and staking opportunities.

Contributors such as content creators, curators, nodes, and developers, who play a crucial role in the protocol’s development and upkeep, are compensated with YOUR tokens for their valuable input.

Ownership of YOUR tokens offers several significant benefits:

Staking for Access: 

To monetize their content within the protocol, users are required to stake their tokens. 

This staking not only grants access but also rewards users with an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for long-term token staking, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the protocol and its participants.

Buy-back Mechanism: 

The token’s value is reinforced through a perpetual buy-back mechanism. 

This involves Content Distribution decentralized applications (dApps) purchasing YOUR tokens to facilitate content streaming, while Content Creation dApps utilize these tokens for content management and storage purposes.

BRC-20 Future-proofing ownership

Regarding content ownership, the YOUR token introduces an innovative approach. Leveraging BRC-20 inscriptions, YOUR protocol guarantees content creators full ownership rights over their creations.

Governance by Creators: 

The governance framework within the YOUR ecosystem is a collaborative venture. 

Token holders are empowered to participate in the YOUR Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), reflecting the protocol’s dedication to community engagement and collective governance.

The Future of E-Commerce

YOUR is bringing unparalleled transparency and fairness to the world of content and e-commerce, ensuring creators, brands and stores are better off and experience growth. It’s exciting to see the developments of the brand and how they are leveraging technology to break barriers in the market.

With their IDO closing in, YOUR Protocol is disrupting e-commerce and content creation for the better – follow their socials for all the updates.

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