World’s first bitcoin chess event Launched: Carlsen Faces Nepo



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Bitcoin has snowballed its popularity in the recent past few months, and particularly during the Pandemic, its rise has been phenomenal. Thus it is obvious to see this digital coin entering from different places to healthcare and now even to sports. This has brought up the first bitcoin-based chess event. The event is brought up under the tag called Meltwater Champions, and they have organized the first world chess championship event. It happens to be an elite level chess tournament that would operate through digital currency. As per reports, it will be a celebrity rich tournament wherein we see stars of the different spectrum and particularly from the Chess fraternity would come into the picture. The said event is going to kick off from 23rd May, and it would come up with a whopping amount as its prize money. As per reports, the event involves 320K USD as its prize pot for the online event. 

While 100K USD remains the bonus money in terms of digital currency that would be paid in the form of bitcoin coming as a sponsor called the FTX that remains the popular digital currency exchange in the US. People interested in catching up to the event will be able to monitor the value of the prize pot in the real-time duration as they come in the broadcast in order to find out the fluctuation. One can find the Meltwater Champion coming up for the first time in the market, and it has gained a good buzz around with bitcoin working at its money force. One can find the season coming up at a whopping amount of 1.5 M USD in the tournament, which makes it the wealthiest event happening in the chess history that is to be played online on the declared dates. To know more about bitcoin, you can click here 

So, with the first event coming up, we see the top chess players like Magnus Carlsen would be facing another star, Nepo. Needless to say, the two would take things at the centre stage as we see the chess tour taking place with 16-star names. One can find a welcome return with the world-famous players taking up this maiden season powered by Bitcoin. Although one can find different matches taking place in this chess event, all eyes are on the match between Nepo and Carlsen for obvious reasons as they remain the top players in this. This is perhaps their first big encounter since we have seen Russia was seen leading the show as the world title challenger. So, who is going to make it on the top would be interesting to catch. The FTX powered event has Play Magnus Group as its organizer, and we know them as the pioneering people when it comes to chess, while FTX, as said above, remains the popular digital currency exchange. 

This is perhaps the first time when we have seen FTX coming up with a long term agreement taking place with Play Magnus Group to be included as the official digital currency partner for them. We know Carlsen to be among the top players when it comes to chess and when he was contacted to comment about this unique kind of tournament taking place on the web world, he said he is very much excited to be a part of this event. He said he had been a big fan of the groups involved in it and the digital currency exchange groups like FTX coming into the picture; the excitement level seems to have multiplied for him. He called the event to be a unique collaboration when it comes to the Champions Chess Tour. 

The other players also present in the event slated to play different chess rounds with their opponents, too are happy to see such a unique kind of tournament, and they are very much eager to see the event kicking off soon in the fast-growing world. He said the company is now looking ahead to see more digital currency based chess tournaments in the coming few years and that this tournament would be like an ice-breaking kind of incident. For groups like Play Magnus, it is a time for celebration and a proud moment as they are coming up with a tournament that is driven by digital currency.

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