Why the ILCoin Blockchain is the New Platform for Game Developers


Game developers have had many issues within the cryptospace. Different blockchains have had distinct sets of rules for just about everything. As a result, this has made things become quite confusing for them.Well, the good news is that new blockchains provide opportunities for game developers to showcase their skills and do so profitably. The ILCoin blockchain is one such solution. 

The ILCoin Blockchain is Perfect for Games

ILCoin has a very innovative blockchain development that can support blocks of, until now, 5GB in livenet (certificates) but with a practically unlimited potential due to the RIFT protocol. In the same way, we have the C2P security level that prevents the 51% attack not only with current technology but even with that of the future, that is, this protocol is quantum resistant. With game development, several issues are critical to the successful deployment of a game.

The first, and most important, issue is the player’s experience. 

The Player is King 

The first rule of game development is that the player is king. If the players love the game, the game will sell, and the developers have done their job. Many games that have come up lately haven’t been designed with the player in mind. They are designed from the perspective of the developers. As a result, they don’t do well. It usually happens when the developers have to tend to so many technical issues on the games’ underlying services. 

Blockchain services can be tricky under the hood, and user experience can suffer at the expense of integrating the gaming application with the blockchain. On the ILCoin blockchain, such a situation is highly unlikely. DApp integration with the ILCoin blockchain is simple, fast, and secure.  

Its uniquely decentralized cloud blockchain infrastructure enables developers to integrate their dApps seamlessly. There is no lag on game speed, the player’s reaction time, and the game continues smoothly. With the upcoming release of “Age of ILCoin Retribution”, there will be higher demands on the interactions between the blockchain and the dApp. 

Collectibles are Everything in Gaming 

Without collectibles, players lose their interest in games.Because of this, game developers go to great lengths to figure out how the best collectibles will work within their games. The primary aim of having collectibles is to ensure that the players get rewarded for their actions within the gaming ecosystem.

Linking collectibles with blockchains is an uphill battle for many developers. Luckily, the ILCoin blockchain makes this easy. In Age of ILCoin Retribution, for instance, the players can complete tasks. They also have to keep their ILCoins safe from the game’s antagonist, Da Boss. The use-case scenario points to a real-life situation where collectibles are also tokens of the blockchain that host the dApp. 

There aren’t many blockchain systems that can integrate collectibles directly with their tokens. Here, this integration has happened, and it works perfectly. And we all know about the murky token markets that offer zero transparency. This isn’t the case with ILCoin. Everything happens on its secure SHA-256 blockchain. 

Scaling and Transaction Speeds are Unparalleled

These days, games are fast paced. Players want an immediate experience that, most times, closely resemble real-life situations. As such, all transactions must also be fast paced. They must also be scalable. As games grow in popularity, they slow down because they weren’t designed with scalability in mind. 

The significant thing about developing games on the ILCoin blockchain is that scalability and transaction speeds are guaranteed.  One example is the new Age of ILCoin Retribution. The game was born at the ILCOIN Dev Team headquarters with the aim of showing the world, through video games, one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of these years.

Age of ILCOIN retribution is a virtual reality game that places us in the present year 2020 and takes place in the ILCOIN universe, it is in recession and cryptocurrencies are the most important asset, with ILCOIN being the most coveted currency.In this game you will become “The miner”;  who defends the base ship against the alien soldiers commanded by “D’Boss”; whose main objective is to get rid of the miner and his team, in order to have control of all the ILCOINS.

However, during one of their fights they are involved in an accident that ends up leading them to a wormhole and, of course, to many problems.You will be able to visit a different kind of landscapes on a strange planet and also get to know our mothership, which includes statues of our characters. In this apocalyptic vision of the plot you can know the way of being of the characters, and laugh with them. During the slaughter you do to the aliens you can listen to funny phrases and entertain ourselves even when you die from the waves of attack in the different scenarios of the game.In the imaginary of Age of ILCOIN you can enjoy different enemies, attack patterns, defenses and even the occasional surprises

Practice your aim while enjoying this entertaining story at different levels, and be amazed by all the environments created by 3D artists who put all their creativity to create a new and interesting world for the enjoyment of all gamers who like to shooters and virtual reality.

If the ILCoin blockchain didn’t have the required scalability acceptance, this situation wouldn’t have been possible. It is also a first-case scenario where a game dApp integrates with both a player network and an active blockchain at the same time. It goes to show that game developers can replicate similar scenarios if they deploy their games on the ILCoin blockchain. 

ILCoin Blockchain is the Ultimate Standard for Game Developers 

Developers are always looking for ways to get ahead of the curve. The ILCoin blockchain presents a unique opportunity for them to do so easily. With a proof-of-concept, the ILCoin blockchain is open to all developers who want to make it a home for their games. All they have to do is get in touch!

 For more information about ILCoin, please visit: https://www.ILCoincrypto.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ILCoinBlockchainsProject/

Telegram: https://t.me/ILCoinDevelopmentTeam/

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