Why Getting in Early on Bitbot Offers 100X Potential for Savvy Investors

We’ve all heard the stories of lucky investors who minted fortunes by lucking out on an early-stage blue chip or acting decisively on alpha. Well, here’s some alpha. Industry observers are pinpointing the next premier presale launch of 2024 with Bitbot—the premiere AI-powered non-custodial trading bot that’s already raised $3.5m in its presale. Read on to learn why early investors are piling into the Bitbot.

Analysts are bullish on Bitbot’s vast market potential in 2024 

Despite the impressive trading volume the leading trading bots handle, they offer rudimentary trading features and dubious security. Trading bots like Banana Gun and Unibot might need the more advanced trading features required by the rapidly evolving automated market. In addition, these products require users to hand over their private keys and grant direct access to users’ assets. That opens up a can of worms as far as security is concerned.

That’s where Bitbot comes in. Its detailed whitepaper demonstrates that Bitbot blows its competition out of the water with its blend of AI-enhanced features. For instance, its flagship AI Gem Scanner tool leverages machine learning, NLP, and predictive analytics to identify and drill down on potentially undervalued gems—without the complexity of such advanced solutions. Using the Bitbot AI Gem Scanner is as easy as interacting with a chatbot. Other vital tools include an AI sniping tool, giving users real-time insights on trading opportunities, and a copy trading tool, enabling users to emulate the best-performing traders within a few clicks.

Bitbot has also partnered with KnightSafe, the premier decentralized open-source self-custody security solution, granting users full custody of their crypto and enabling them to use trading bots without relinquishing their private keys. To top it off, Bitbot has provided early investors with early peeks at their product via Medium blog posts, AMA sessions, and demo videos.

Bitbot’s user-friendly trading tools and improved security raised the bar for the telegram bot industry to a level that should help onboard thousands of users who were previously uncertain about trading crypto. 

And with the Telegram trading bot sector already sitting at upwards of a $1 billion market cap—not to mention Telegram’s 800 million-strong user base—Bitbot is poised to hit stratospheric heights once its native token launches on exchanges worldwide.

Bitbot ROI projections point to 100x

Market analysts are zeroing in on the developing Telegram trading bot niche as the next key growth sector in crypto. At press time, Telegram bots have witnessed over $21 billion in total trade volume from 1.58 million Telegram users. Both figures should grow exponentially in the future, considering the massive trade volume is but a drop in the bucket relative to Telegram’s user base. 

Bitbot’s potential for a 100x gain isn’t just big talk. Banana Gun, one of its leading competitors, registered an 80x gain for early presale investors who bought in at $0.65 after it hit an all-time high of $52 in April—despite raising significantly less presale funding than Bitbot. Banana Gun delivered eye-watering gains despite its limited custodial solution and suspect security. Just imagine the unparalleled advantage early Bitbot investors have by buying into a low-cap innovative AI crypto offering institutional-grade trading. Plus, with the journey that the AI industry is on and the solid AI crypto market cap, there are multiple forces likely to propel BITBOT to the moon.

What are the advantages of investing early in Bitbot?

Bitbot is offering early adopters a clear-cut opportunity for parabolic gains. Currently in stage 14 of its 15-stage presale, Bitbot is available at the discounted price of only $0.0189, giving prospective investors an ideal early entry point for a project widely expected to break out in 2024. Besides offering them up to 5.82% in pre-programmed token increases, industry analysts are penciling in a possible 100x gain for Bitbot in 2024. The fact that its presale has raised around 150% more than close competitor Banana Gun indicates high demand for a cutting-edge, AI-powered, non-custodial Telegram trading bot like Bitbot. 

Bitbot investors also stand to earn a share of up to 50% of trading fees based on the number of BITBOT tokens they hold. There’s also Bitbot’s referral program, granting referrers 15% of trading fees for life from those they refer. As the icing on the cake, Bitbot offers early investors a $100,000 token airdrop, giving 100 lucky winners a chance to win $1,000 in BITBOT tokens.

Get in on the Bitbot action before it’s too late

Bitbot is winding down its presale shortly, giving prospective investors a limited timeframe to get in on the early action before the window shuts for good. With exchange listings waiting in the wings, yesterday was the best day to join the Bitbot presale. The next best time is right now. Don’t miss out on the top presale of 2024.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website.

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