Who accepts Bitcoin as payment?

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  • The number of businesses and retailers that take cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment is growing worldwide.
  • Gucci plans to accept cryptocurrency payments at some of its stores in the United States later in June.
  • Sports teams and other prominent businesses now accept Bitcoin as payment.

By far, Bitcoin (BTC) is the most widely used cryptocurrency. Increasing numbers of people are investing in digital money, and it is quickly becoming a widely accepted means of payment. 

However, where can you make a payment using Bitcoin?

Although cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity, BTC remains the most commonly used payment option for big companies and small traders. Let’s have a look at some businesses that accept Bitcoin as payment.

10 Companies that accept Bitcoin as payment

Gucci Stores

Gucci will start using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as payment methods later this month, as reported by Cryptopolitan. Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and Wooster Street in New York City will be the first locations to offer the new payment option. Kering, the French conglomerate that owns Gucci, is the latest company to accept cryptocurrency. To use a digital asset wallet, customers will receive an email with a QR code that they may use with a mobile financial transaction app.

Dallas Mavericks

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, Mark Cuban, is a well-known Shark Tank investor who also is a big fan of BTC. Any fan of the Dallas Mavericks who attends a game at the team’s stadium can use BTC to buy anything, including tickets to future games.


Besides accepting BTC as a payment method, Overstock is one of the Bitcoin retailers that maintain a digital currency reserve. As an online store, Overstock uses innovative technology to help people envision their ideal houses. After accepting BTC for the first time in 2013, they expanded their cryptocurrency acceptance to include Ether, Litecoin, Dash (DASH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Save the children

Save the Children accepted BTC and other cryptocurrencies as payment in 2013. “HODLhope” is their catch phrase as they fight for children’s right to good health, quality education, and safety.

Whole Foods

Like Home Depot, supermarket chain Whole Foods now allows customers to purchase using BTC. The store concept uses the same technology as other Amazon businesses to turn digital currency into US dollars. Whole Foods accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin (LTC) as payment methods in their store and on the Spedn app.


Gyft lets customers buy, send, and redeem online gift cards for businesses and platforms like Starbucks, Amazon, and Sony PlayStation as an online gift card marketplace. You can carry every transaction out using BTC with no additional costs as a buyer or a seller. You only select the required gift card, select BTC as the preferred payment method, and transmit the payment using your crypto wallet.


Twitch accepted bitcoin donations in 2014, but they quietly ceased in 2019. It was a year later before they reintroduced the payment option. Today, they accept a variety of digital currencies, including Ether (ETH), PAX, USDP, and Binance USD.


Benfica, a well-known sports brand in Portugal, now accepts Bitcoin payments from its fans. As a result, customers can use their digital assets to buy anything from apparel to game tickets. 

There are three ways to purchase items: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the UTRUST token. Using crypto, the club model attracts more tech-savvy customers and makes it easier to purchase sporting products globally.

Virgin Airlines

The founder of Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson, has always been an entrepreneur, so it’s no surprise. Virgin Airlines and Virgin Mobile allow customers to pay in Bitcoin. Aside from that, users can make a payment using Bitcoin for space travel. 16 BTC is all it takes to book a space flight with Virgin Galactic.


Since 2014, the Xbox Store on Microsoft’s website has accepted Bitcoin as payment. They momentarily stopped accepting it because of its volatility, but they’re currently accepting it once more only for the Xbox store credits it provides. Many times, Bill Gates has said that Bitcoin is superior to currency.

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