Which VPS Is Better For Forex


Nowadays, Forex and trading have become one of the best ways to profit and earn money. All you should do is become an expert in technical analysis.

You should also know about some phrases like Broker, MetaTrader, cTrader, cryptocurrencies,  and you should know the tools you need to trade.

What Is A Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are a group of digital or virtual currencies in which cryptography is used for financial transactions; So that they are very difficult and sometimes impossible to decipher.

These types of currencies are not controlled by a specific center, they are fast and cost-effective, and they have removed geographical restrictions; And most importantly, they were created with a concern for privacy.

Since the birth of Bitcoin as the first efficient cryptocurrency in 2009, more than 1,900 cryptocurrencies have been created to date; Apart from a few that are scam and invalid, a significant number of them are focused on a specific aspect of bitcoin and have promoted or fixed problems in that area.

For example, NEM cryptocurrencies use PoI instead of Bitcoin PoW to increase security while reducing consumer costs. ETH cryptocurrencies have introduced the idea of ​​a programmable blockchain platform that allows the implementation of software, cryptocurrencies, or smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Meanwhile, coins like Dash, Monero, Zcash, and several other cryptocurrencies have improved the anonymity of people and made innovations in this field.

What Is A Broker?

A broker is a person or company that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Brokers make sense in the economic market and the real estate market, the commodity market, the art market, and so on.

In the Forex market, a broker acts as an intermediary between banks that connects the buyer and the seller, and from a two-way transaction, a commission is reached by one or both parties.

What Is MetaTrader 5?

The MetaTrader 5 trading system provides traders with all the tools they need for dynamic price analysis, which also can be installed on your own desktop or inside a Windows VPS which we call a Forex VPS.

The integrated design of MetaTrader 5 provides traders with all the tools they need to trade.

Trading, technical and fundamental market analysis and programming for “automated trading” are the prominent parts of this software.

This software enables traders to operate in the stock exchange and over-the-counter markets.

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What Is A cTrader?

The cTrader platform uses NDD (No Dealing Desk) technology to access foreign exchange markets for professional traders and newcomers.

With this platform, you can directly enter into interactions with global banks in a vibrant business environment.

It should be considered that the cTrader can also be installed on a Windows VPS or your own system.

Due to your proxy server settings’ simplicity, you can overcome the barriers and prohibitions of public and private, and you can connect anywhere. The platform supports 14 different languages.

What Is A Forex VPS?

VPS is a virtual machine created on powerful main servers. Creating a VPS is done by virtualization technologies like VMware, KVM, etc. Virtualization systems have different types and features. In some of the systems, you can oversell or provide shared resources, and in some of them, you can’t.

Forex VPS is a service where you can run Metatrader instances inside it. Of course, you can do it also inside your own desktop, but you will not have some features that the Forex VPS has!

Running too many Meta trader instances can easily slow your desktop using the resources of your system. You can not always trade on your own desktop because there is no UPS (electricity backup system) or network backup system on your desktop.

What Are The Forex VPS Benefits?

The best benefits of a forex VPS is its uptime and stability. A VPS is made to work 7 days of the week without being powered off or disconnected. There is a UPS, network backup, monitoring systems, air conditioners, and other tools in a data center to be sure about it.

Also, data centers are very safe places, and you can be sure that your data is always safe in a data center. Let’s check the features of a VPS one by one.


You can easily run a bot inside your trader and be sure that it always works even if you don’t use it because their server is always powered on and connected to the internet. Also, the monitoring systems are always monitoring the situations of a server.

Which VPS Is Better For Forex 2

Payment Methods

Different providers accept different payment methods. Each payment method has its own benefits and disadvantages. For example, when you buy VPS with Bitcoin, you know that you are anonymous, your payment is fast, and you use a safe payment method.

Dedicated Resources

Having dedicated resources is essential in a Forex VPS. You should order a forex VPS through a provider that doesn’t provide shared services with shared resources. Because you have run your trader application and wish it to work in the best situation, and you don’t wish it to run out of resources.

Different Locations

We always recommend ordering a forex VPS through the providers that provide service from different locations. Because if you are close to the location that your server is located in, you will have less ping to the server and, finally, a better connection.

Fast Resources

Having fast resources is one of the most important criteria in purchasing a forex VPS. If you have fast resources, your bot will trade better and faster, and finally, you won’t face any slowness in your trades.

Restricted Countries

For some reason, some country’s residents are not allowed to work with some brokers. A VPS has a static IP. When you work inside the VPS, your real location is unknown, and you can trade, bypassing this issue.


If you are an expert trader or have some of the issues mentioned when trading, a virtual machine can be the correct cure for your issue!

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