Will Litecoin (LTC) Price Skyrocket?

Is Litecoin silver to Bitcoin’s gold? There are many sides to this controversy so let’s take a look at the whole tapestry of Litecoin developments and its potential for inclusion in your crypto portfolio.

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What is Litecoin (LTC)? 

Litecoin’s blockchain system came to the market as the facilitator of payments via the internet. Others like Bitcoin served the same purpose, but this one had some additional pros. It reduced the confirmation time, increased the transaction speed, and brought other additional features to make the transactions easier to handle.

Dubbed “the cryptocurrency for payments,” Litecoin is a virtual currency that seeks to facilitate payments over the internet. Forked from the bitcoin blockchain  in 2011, Litecoin was born to enable instant payments, something that Bitcoin was unable to do due to its slow transaction confirmation times.

Litecoin Applications

Litecoin is designed to be lightweight and fast. Its development was a challenge to Bitcoin’s block size and the 10-minute block confirmation time.  The developers wanted to change how performance is affected by scalability and solve such problems. 

Boost performance speed


Confidential transaction to boost network privacy

Litecoin developers are building core privacy features to strengthen anonymity. The developers will implement MimbleWimble to create single-chain transactions that are entirely obfuscated from third parties. 

Mimblewimble’s integration into Litecoin came by way of the Mimblewimble Extension Block, also known as MWEB, which allows the network’s users to opt-in to confidential transactions.  The upgrade improves Litecoin’s viability as a fungible currency that can be used for everyday transactions, pay employee salaries and even purchase real estate.

What is a Mimblewimble Extension Block?

Grayscale currently holds over 1.44 million Litecoin ($248.33 million), making it the firm’s third-largest crypto holding after Bitcoin and Ethereum The firm is one of few services in the US that allows accredited and institutional investors to purchase cryptocurrencies. 

The Litecoin predicted price for 2022 is $83.05. Litecoin recently updated its ‘Mimble wimble’ privacy update. The move has been welcomed by the blockchain community. However, Litecoin is facing backlash from regulators. Bithumb and Upbit exchanges from South Korea will be delisting Litecoin as a result of the update.


The crypto market is highly speculative. Litecoin will trade between $1572.50 and $1933.41 for 2030 The average Litecoin price will be $1617.92.  The LTC network will continue to experience unprecedented growth with positive future results. However, you should note that negative news and market crashes could derail the performance of Litecoin.  


Is Litecoin a good investment? 

Yes, Litecoin is a good investment. In terms of the potential to be adopted and the volume of supply of the coins. The coin is fated to bring more people into the cryptocurrency industry, increasing its market cap and skyrocketing the price of the digital currency. Apart from the risks involved, Litecoin being established crypto, having a full-time head, and making small investments make LTC a good investment in 2022.

Charlie Lee intended to create a lightweight alternative for Bitcoin. Much in the same way that Silver is a cheaper alternative for GoldGold. He achieved this through a soft fork on the original bitcoin blockchain and created even better rules for the coin. 

Is Litecoin the future of cryptocurrencies?

Please take these price predictions as suggestions of some market expert/analysts. Prediction with tools may not turn out perfect due to the unpredictability of certain factors such as public sentiment and market conditions.


Let’s recap what we learned




Litecoin is designed to be lightweight and fast. 

The LTC network will continue to experience unprecedented growth with positive future results. 

Litecoin developers are building core privacy features to strengthen anonymity.  

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