What New Coins Are Coming to BitMart

BitMart provides a basic buy/sell bitcoin functionality for novices and a variety of cryptocurrency-earning opportunities in addition to sophisticated cryptocurrency spot and futures trading platforms using blockchain technology. Although traders of all skill levels may find what they’re looking for in this exchange, they should also be cautious about the possibility of a hack similar to what occurred in 2021. The CEO of BitMart, Sheldon Xia, has promised that the exchange will refund all users affected in the $196m hack.

Review of the Bitmart Exchange 

– Allows trading of more than 1,000 different digital currencies and tokens. – By using BitMart’s staking and savings products, users may earn cryptocurrency. – A straightforward buy/sell crypto option: BitMart exchange offers a specific buy/sell crypto feature that enables newcomers to acquire Bitcoin and other digital currencies with just a few clicks using various payment options.


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– Subject to a large-scale hack in 2021: The private keys of BitMart’s hot wallets were penetrated in a cyberattack in December 2021, resulting in the theft of $196 million worth of bitcoin, indicating that the exchange’s security procedures are insufficient. – Poor user reviews: On social media and consumer review websites, several people have posted negative comments about BitMart exchange.


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The following coins were announced for listing on BitMart: – Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) – Artcoin(AC) – Alnassr FC Fan Token (NASSR) – Rare FND(FND) – Fusotao Protocol (TAO) – Protocon(PEN) – OpenOcean(OOE)

New Coins Coming to Bitmart

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ArtCoin is a stablecoin whose price is intended to be tied to an exchange-traded asset like artwork, paintings, or sculptures. All assets are verified and added to the blockchain using Skillchain, which can prove without a doubt who is the certificate’s issuer and solidify that information in a public distributed ledger.

ArtCoin (AC)

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Action-adventure game Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) features a blockchain real-estate market Users can mine and mix in-game objects to use them to increase their characters’ skills and equipment, raising their rank in the game.

Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

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With the help of Rare FND, entrepreneurs and organizations may start crowdfunding campaigns to generate money. Through automatic staking upon a donation to a charity or investment in a company, Rare FND is able to assist crowdfunding campaigns in reaching their goal more quickly by using FND as the fundraising token.

Rare FND (FND)

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The Fusotao Protocol is a “execute off-chain, verify on-chain” verification protocol for an order book-based matching system. Building trust-free order book-based matching systems with minimal gas costs and low latency is possible because of the decentralized infrastructure of Fusotao.

Fusotao Protocol (TAO)

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The first automatic liquidity acquisition and DeFi market participation utility offered by Source Protocol is $SRCX. It’ll debut on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As of April 2022, BSC accounts for between 90 and 140 billion USD in 24-hour trading volume, according to data from CoinMarketCap.com. 

Source Protocol (SRCX)

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