What is Cosmos Crypto?

One major concern within the blockchain industry is that there are hundreds if not thousands of blockchains around the world, but only a few of them can communicate or share information.  Cosmos developers aimed at solving this problem, and that is what Cosmos is doing.

Cosmos Blockchain Network also referred to as the Internet of Blockchains, is a decentralized ecosystem of interconnected blockchains (decentralized applications) known as Zones.

It creates a crypto ecosystem that unites different blockchains through open-source tools that allow streamlined transactions between them.

Cosmos coin (commonly referred to as ATOM) is the native cryptocurrency that powers Cosmos. ATOM cryptocurrency allows its holders to contribute to the governance and security of the blockchain network.

The current total ATOM supply is 222,078,856 with 279,863,459 coins currently in the circulating supply, meaning only 80% of the coins are available for trading among investors.  The remaining 20% is held by two companies: the Interchain Foundation and All in Bits.

Price Prediction by Authority Site

#1 Wallet Investor According to Wallet Investor, ATOM is a poor portfolio addition for long-term investors. They predict the token will trade at $1.195 in 2023, indicating a 91.47% decline from the current market price.

#2 TradingBeast TradingBeasts predicts ATOM to close 2022 on a bearish note, trading between $11.269 to $16.571. In 2023, the site expects a further devaluation of ATOM.

#3 Longforecast According to Longforecast, ATOM will end 2022 with a bull market, trading as high as $19.72 and closing its yearly trade at $18.43. In 2023, they predict ATOM to have an overall bearish market leading to a minimum of $12.37.

Cryptopolitan Price Prediction

2022 ATOM is expected to reach an average price of $15.00, a maximum of $17.16, and a minimum of $12.14.  2025 ATOM will reach an average price of $27.16, a minimum of $24.14 and a maximum price is $29.38.  2030 ATOM will attain an average price of $64.90. The minimum and maximum market prices are $61.94 and $67.45, respectively.

Is ATOM a good investment in 2022?

Most analysts have bullish price predictions for the coin for 2022. However, recovery of its ATH is possible in 2028.

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