What is and how to earn from Nothing Coins

Cryptocurrencies are a rage now and chocolate maker Cadbury became part of the action. Through its  campaign, 'Do Nothing', the company rewards users for doing nothing. Mondelez India's marquee brand launched a crypto-like currency called the NothingCoin that gets mined while you do nothing. The campaign aims to have a special appeal with youth-based consumers to take a breather and get rewarded for it. Mining NothingCoin neither requires fancy mining tools or any monetary investment.

How to start mining

Users can simply buy a Cadbury 5Star and scan the QR code on it to access the DoNothing website for mining. However, note that NothingCoin is not an actual currency. It is a part of a limited period advertising campaign by the company.

Is there a criteria for mining NothingCoins?

To start mining, one must literally ‘do nothing.’ All you need to do is put your phone aside and allow the phone to start mining the NothingCoin for you. The mining will stop the minute you use the device. So to earn more coins you need to keep the phone idle as long as possible.

Cadbury has opened a dedicated Do-Nothing Bank at Nariman Point in Mumbai where users can buy a 5Star, get started with activation and relax comfortably on couches while their phones idly mine NothingCoins.  The bank has a loans counter, an ATM, and investment schemes with quirky messages that ask the consumer to do nothing. If you do not reside in Mumbai, you can still mine the NothingCoin from their respective locations.

What can you do with NothingCoins?

Mined coins can be used on the online Cadbury 5Star mall to avail offers on various platforms such as The Souled Store and Paytm, or to get JioMart vouchers. NothingCoins can also be used on JioMart as it is accepting NADA as a currency.

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