Top Ripple Wallet Choices


Just like physical cash, digital currencies like Ripple (XRP) need a wallet. The general underlying principle for wallets is to keep your money safe, and that also extends to Ripple wallets.

Lined Circle

Ripple wallets can be of different categories, such as Hardware, Software, and Paper wallets. They are primarily designed to store, manage, receive, and enable users to transfer XRP tokens on the blockchain.

Lined Circle

Select a Suitable Ripple Wallet

A wallet is an age-old concept with the universal underlying principle – to keep your money safe! The same concept applies in the case of XRP wallets – they are used to store, manage, receive, and transfer your Ripple cryptocurrency tokens.  Choose what fits you!



Trezor is a hardware wallet that can enable you to securely store the Ripple cryptocurrency and over 1,000 other digital currencies offline. The device has a user-friendly interface, and it’s easy to connect to your computer or smartphone.


Ledger Nano 

Ledger Nano is a popular hardware wallet that uses a secure chip and unique software to provide strong security for XRP and other supported cryptocurrencies. The wallet is considered one of the safest XRP wallets due to its advanced security tech and features like two-factor authentication.


Uphold XRP wallet

Uphold is a software wallet and exchange app designed to facilitate crypto transfers and storage. The Uphold XRP wallet is considered one of the most prominent wallets for storing and trading XRP for crypto and fiat currencies.



Exarpy is a software-based wallet specifically designed to enable cryptocurrency users to securely store the XRP cryptocurrency only. The platform does not store user funds or private keys on its network in the traditional sense but allows users to store and access their coins anytime, anywhere. 



Bithomp is a paper wallet for Ripple, wherein all of the relevant information needed to transfer your XRP are stored on a sheet of paper. You can only use the paper to transfer, acquire, and preserve your XRP holdings; hence, it’s paramount to protect it.