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NFTs essentially focus on the concept of rarity and copyright. This way, rare digital artwork like music albums, art and paintings, and other digital art projects can be converted to NFTs, and enthusiasts can purchase them from an online marketplace and retain absolute ownership of the digital assets.

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The process of trading digital arts or NFTs can be convenient and profitable when done with the right platforms.  In this story, you will learn about some of the best NFTs marketplaces for beginners and professionals based on certain criteria like gas fees, transactional currency, etc.


OpenSea is the most popular and biggest NFT marketplace, especially for Ethereum-based NFTs.  It's based in New York, and it allows users to trade, mint, and auction a wide variety of NFTs at nearly zero gas fees.


Rarible is also popular in the NFT market, but it mainly supports art-based, photography, and music NFTs.  The process of buying and selling NFTs on Rarible is straightforward, and the platform uses RARI token as its governance coin.

Magic Eden 

Magic Eden is based on Solana, and it's the largest marketplace for beginners and professionals to trade different collections of Solana-native NFTs.  The platform has a user-friendly interface and is also easy to navigate. 

NBA Top Shot Marketplace 

NBA Top Shot is another popular digital marketplace, but it focuses mainly on trading cards that feature clips captured during NBA games.  The platform allows users to own and sell clips of NBA-goated moments as digital arts. 

Nifty  Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a unique NFT trading platform that is known to popularize the term “Nifty," and it allows users to purchase NFTs using fiat currencies like the US dollar.  To buy or sell on this platform, you need to have a Nifty Gateway account. 

Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance marketplace is the native NFT trading platform from the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.  The platform allows users to buy and sell NFTs using a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as BUSD – Binance’s Stablecoin, BNB, and ETH.

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