Top lowest transaction fee cryptocurrencie

Similar to traditional systems, transaction fees are paid when sending cryptocurrency from one wallet to another. These fees go to either miners or network users who secure and validate transactions on the blockchain.  Transaction fees may vary from crypto to crypto or blockchain to blockchain. In this guide, we shared the top low transaction tokens, FWIW.

#1 Stellar

Founded by Jed McCaleb, Stellar is an open-source payment technology designed to transfer financial resources swiftly and reliably at a minimal cost. Transactions on the network can cost as low as 0.00001 XLM, or $0.0000009014.


Nano is among the cheapest crypto to use. The cryptocurrency was designed to facilitate secure, practically instant payments. NANO transactions are completely feeless.

#3 Cardano

Founded by former Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is a smart contract blockchain. Transaction fees on the network maybe are the lowest, but they are cheaper compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin.


IOTA is another cryptocurrency on the list that doesn’t charge transaction fees. The IOTA network was designed to be an “open and feeless data and value transfer protocol.” There are no miners on the IOTA network.

#5 Litecoin

Litecoin allows a peer-to-peer exchange of value at affordable costs. The fees on the network can be as low as $0.007. However, the processing times of the transactions can be a little slow.

#6 Dash

The average transaction fee for Dash crypto can be between $0.2 and $0.3, compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, the transaction speed on Dash is also faster compared to the other two.

#7 Tron

Tron is considered among the Ethereum-killer blockchain. The transaction speed on Tron is among the fastest, but the fees are not so great, but affordable when compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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