Selecting the Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs 

Bitcoin Affiliate programs are a fantastic way to make passive money. Passive income is money that requires little to no work to earn and maintain. There are several cryptocurrency affiliate programs out there. Some of these programs include but are not limited to cloud mining, digital wallets, and trading platform.

How do these programs work? 

Most affiliate programs collaborate with crypto influencers. Influencers contact the affiliate program strategy and get a passive income by referring their users, visitors, or viewers to other organizations. Most businesses want to establish an affiliate network to get more traffic. Such services will pay crypto investors/influencers money to discuss, tweet, and write about their company to their followers.

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The Simplified Passive Income process 

– Register on the website with an affiliate program. – Get a unique URL, QR code, promotion code, etc.  – Share that code or URL for others to recruit member – New members click on the link (use the code) and buy services.  – Earn your commission (percentage of the purchase).

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Here are the top 7 BTC Affiliate Programs

LocalBitcoin Trezor Coinbase Ledger Binance Bitmex eToro

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Binance is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. Binance has one of the most competitive affiliate programs in the crypto space. Commission:  20% -40% per sale. Payment frequency: Real-time Minimum  earnings: No minimum amount per payout Destination of the earnings: Your Binance account is a platform that creates a safe space for peers to connect and exchange their fiats and crypto. Commission:  20% for each trade. Commission earning span: 3 months. Payment frequency: Daily Minimum  earnings: No minimum amount per payout Destination of the earnings: LocalBitcoins account

Local Bitcoins

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Coinbase is a major cryptocurrency exchange, with around 80% of the crypto market. They have a digital wallet, credit and debit card service, and an affiliate program.  Commission:  20% of referrals trading fee Commission earning span: 3 month Payment frequency: Daily  Minimum  earnings: No minimum amount per payout Destination of the earnings: Your affiliate dashboard on coinbase


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Affiliate marketing programs are appealing as they require little work. Make money with your friends, and turn it into a career! An affiliate program requires promoting a specific product. The more interested individuals you have, the better you sell it. 

How else to earn from affiliate programs?

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There are many methods to earn Bitcoin, but they all need research and understanding. – Cloud mining  – Trading Bitcoin  – Lending Bitcoin  – Gambling  – Others

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How to earn more Bitcoin aside from affiliate program

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You may use a referral code anywhere online. You can advertise the code on your social media, internet forum, YouTube channel, or friend group if you have a large following. It's feasible to earn Bitcoin through affiliate programs. Of course, be cautious of being defrauded; and exercise due diligence at all times.

Where to promote the referral code