Tesla holds Bitcoin worth $222M, SEC filing disclose

– Tesla has remained one of the largest Bitcoin investors  – It recently sold 75% of its Bitcoin holdings. – According to the SEC filing, Tesla still holds Bitcoin worth $222 million.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been one of the main reasons Bitcoin saw a tremendous value increase in recent years. In January 2021, the electric car company added  about $1.5 billion Bitcoin (BTC) to its reserve.

Over the past week, the company announced the sale of its Bitcoin investments. Per the official announcement, Tesla sold about 75% of its Bitcoin holdings.

Many analysts were musing about their Bitcoin holdings after this considerable decrease. However, a recent SEC filing has disclosed the details of how much BTC it owns.

After the recent sale, Tesla reportedly owns about $222 million in Bitcoin. Tesla has said that it holds other digital assets other than Bitcoin.

Elon Musk had said in a statement that the reason for their sale of Bitcoin was China’s Covid lockdowns. Also, he said that they hadn’t sold their Dogecoin holdings.


Despite the Bitcoin sale, Tesla is still a significant Bitcoin corporate holder. While it also has other digital assets that are not specified in the report.