Redditor Creates a Bot for Crypto Price Predictions 

– “Crypto Predictor Bot” project keeps expectations high for crypto investor – A user on Redditor talks in detail about his crypto project

Investing in the crypto market has become challenging due to the volatility in recent months. Redditor has decided to address the issue and develop their telegram bot that promises to predict the crypto prices. A Reddit user has spoken to the crypto community about the bot. The user named Xk4rimx claimed responsibility for the bot creation and indicated that his function is to anticipate the token’s value, whether he has a bullish or bearish streak.

Redditor, the particular bot for trader

A Redditor web client decided to launch his bot that will predict the next crypto movements and their value. The user uploaded a short film in the post showing the “crypto predictor bot” project. Xk4rimx, the bot’s developer, said that the project is saved in the analysis section on Heroku Premium. Xk4rimx talks about Heroku Dynos, corresponding to the essential elements that promote the use of Apps created as a PaaS service in Heroku.

Use of the bot trader

According to the Redditor client, their project is easy to understand, plus the developer has taken the liberty of detailing how it works on Telegram. For example, if the user wants to predict the Bitcoin price at the moment, he must enter the code “/ pred BTC d” in the chat. Eventually, the search results will appear with a graph covering the last 24 hours of movements in the token’s price.  Xk4rimx made his project public on Redditor to observe how the crypto community responded.

Now users can use the bot to forecast the Bitcoin price and see if it is profitable to invest in it. The community on Redditor also appreciates that the bot works to predict the value of other popular tokens such as Ethereum. This project is also expected to forecast the price of less popular cryptos such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, or Polkadot.

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