What New Coins Are Coming to Pancakeswap?

Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange built on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows users to trade various assets, including BEP20 tokens. A DEX differs from a traditional centralized exchange by utilizing smart contracts to replace the entities that supervise transactions. Here is a list of the newest listings that are due to go live soon on PancakeSwap.  

The Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a gaming platform with several P2E games enclosed by a metaverse environment dubbed The Battle Arena. Gamers can also interact with the platform and other gamers in the metaverse besides playing games. Players earn rewards through IBAT, a token that is the heart of Battle Infinity’s features. IBAT combines the game platform and blockchain by eliminating boundaries, making the ecosystem more streamlined, efficient, and barrier-free.

Battle Infinity


Lucky Block 

Lucky Block is a decentralized project built on the Binance Smart Chain that focuses on delivering trustless, permissionless, and provably fair games to the community. This crypto aims to modernize the global lottery industry by bringing an old game of chance to the blockchain. There are no third-party middlemen to deal with, resulting in quicker payouts for those with a winning virtual ticket.


Tamadoge could potentially replace Dogecoin and Shiba Inu as the best new meme coin of 2022. So far, it looks like this Memecoin has a lot of potential. The concept of Tamaverse, as presented by the team, will allow everyone to create and interact with their dogs while also allowing them to interact with their NFTs in AR. Tamadoge’s concept of memecoins and play 2 earn is unique and has excellent potential. The Tamadoge Tamaverse is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, and its ecosystem is comparable to Elon Musk’s Baby Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Tamadoge (TAMA)



Users can earn yield in DVRS, the platform’s native token, by placing stakes on the DaoVerse farm-as-a-service platform for crypto mining. DaoVerse multiverse exists on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform focuses on creating games, experiences, and tools that help people stay connected to each other and their communities. The DVRS token is a utility token used to power the DaoVerse ecosystem. It can be used to buy in-game items, experiences, and other digital goods and to stake on the DaoVerse farm-as-a-service platform.


PirateXPirate was introduced in the middle of 2022, making it one of the newest cryptocurrencies on the market. The game, as the name implies, is focused on a pirate motif, with players tasked with creating a fleet of ships crewed by various personnel. Players can earn real-world crypto tokens by entering battles and winning. Also, players can enter battles with each other, which takes the project to a new level. Players can buy and sell NFTs on PirateXPirate’s online marketplace.



Should Investors Buy Coins on PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap does come with its pros and cons – which should be carefully weighed before making any purchasing decisions. In terms of advantages, PancakeSwap is a DEX – which many investors see as a chance to buy coins anonymously and without having to go through a centralized platform. PancakeSwap has low fees compared to Dexes, and PancakeSwap Often Follows a Presale. 

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet or MetaMask Wallet  Step 2: Link your MetaMask to PancakeSwap Step 3: Transfer BNB to Your PanCakeSwap App Step 4: Add The Token You Want To Purchase To Metamask or Trust Wallet

How to Buy Tokens And Coins On PancakeSwap App

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